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place to buy dies etc

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  • place to buy dies etc

    I recently purchaced a Hornady press and am looking for a place or website to buy dies and holder plates planning on starting with 9mm and s&w40 any help and info will be greatly appreciated as this is all new to me just getting started

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    If you can fine everything you need most things will be on back order but, Cheaper then Dirt, Midway usa, Gunbroker, ebay, Midsouth shooters supply and local gun store. I've had primers and lead on order for 2 months now. Good luck.
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      I have the following. FIL passed away and I trying to unload this stuff. PM if you are interested.


      RCBS 25-06 2 die set FL $50.00 $35.00
      RCBS 218 Bee 2 die set FL $31.50 $22.00
      RCBS 44 MAG 3 Die set $20.00
      Lyman 7mm Mauser 2 die set FL $28.99 $20.00
      Hornady 243 Win 2 die set FL $29.99 $20.00
      Forster 243 Win NS $27.00 $19.00
      Forster 22-250 Micrometer Bullet Seat $64.99 $40.00
      RCBS 22-250 2 Seaters, 1 Sizer FL $20.00

      RCBS Shell Holder 17 $6.89 $3.50
      RCBS Shell Holder 2 $6.89 $3.50
      RCBS Shell Holder 20 $6.89 $3.50
      RCBS Shell Holder 4 $6.89 $3.50
      RCBS Shell Holder 18 $6.89 $3.50
      RCBS Shell Holder 26 $6.89 $3.50

      Sierra 6mm 243dia 75 gr HP (200) $16.39 $24.00
      Sierra 6mm 243dia 70 gr HPBT (200) $21.99 $28.00
      .41 cal 210 gr hollow cavity (22) $21.99 $5.00
      .41 cal 300 gr hollow cavity (22) ? incl
      Nosler 25 cal 100 gr BT (100) $10.00
      Nosler 6mm 243 dia 95gr Ballistic Tip (100) $24.99 $17.00
      Nosler 270cal 110gr Spire Point (100) $23.29 $23.29
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        I have found dies on ebay, flea markets, individuals. My rule of thumb is if I have it and don't really need it I will pay 15.00. If I kind of need it I will pay 20.00. If they are exotic I will pay upwards of 30.00.

        The logic of having multiple dies for the same calibers is that they do not all size the base dimension the same. For instance I have 30.06 dies that size .466, .467, .469 and .471 and I have them marked so that the cases are sized the minimum amount to prolong case life. Conversely I have 30.06 rifles with .467, .469, .472 to .473 chambers.

        I was just in a Bass Pro Shop today and their average dies were 33.00 and change for RCBS for what that is worth.
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