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Primers hard to get?

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  • Primers hard to get?

    I got a bunch but some buddies think they need more. There seems like alot of rumors going around about why the shortage of them is so bad. Anyone got a idea other than manufacturing of bullets by the cartridge companies or just plain people hoarding of them make this happen.
    Just wondering.
    I sure do miss not going out to just shoot a couple hundred rounds on a nice afternoon. But I figure I might need them for something more important.

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    Yeah SW, I've been needing some for a while just to reload what I practice with and nobody has any! Its ashame the sheeple and others are running out buying up stuff like this. I have found some on GB but for like 10x what they should cost. I think its people just using all the hype to gouge others.:mad:


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      I went today to get 500 sm pistol and 500 lg pistol. There was a sign at the store "Due to shortage 200 max". I've been going there for years so he sold them to me. He did say it was getting harded to keep them in stock and to get them in.
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        Ok stopped by local GS and if he had any Win sm rifle primers were $3.95/100, so thats $40/1000. Checked Gobroke:D and some guys are selling same primer 5000ct for $400!!!:eek: and another selling 1000ct for $129.95!!!:eek: I recon it would be cheaper to just throw rocks!!!!:rolleyes:


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          Reloading supplies have all but dried up. So has handgun ammo. Elitist high dollar rifle ammo still out there. So much pending legislation on state and national level, manufacturers are trickling. Things will probably loosen up or totally nosedive in the next 2-3 months depending of outcome of legislation. Y2K type panic hoarding sucked up the original supply after Obama came in. If the bureaucrats would only study the Australian crime statistics before and after they totally disarmed the honest population. But who ever accused a politician of being logically right thinking. Thinking of going black powder for hunting. It doesn't seem to be anyone's target yet.
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            The problem right now with powder, primers and some bullet types is (according to some of the distributers at the NRA gun show (now 6 weeks past) is two fold, one being the excessive use of rounds used in Iraq and Afghanistan have strained the DoD's surplus of war stock and the second in the private sector is hoarding. People that have been avid shooters hoard out of fear of the new political regime, fear of bullet and gun limitations; the other are the fears of folks just awakening from their slumber realizing that there is a gun grab, lots of talk of "revolution" and the new need to possibly defend their families and fend for themselves. All of these variables are forming the "perfect storm" that seems to be feeding on itself and gaining speed and intensity.

            For those friends that are trying to get their hands on primers, hedge your bets, order large lots of your desired primers online (prepaid) and continue to graze your local firearms providers in the hope that you catch a new delivery when it comes in. Be advised that some of the clowns on GB are just the reason there is a shortage, they buy up massive lots of components and then sell them online at a mark-up, don't buy them from people that are not offering the items at a reasonable price. Let those idiots that hoarded 2,3 and 400,000 primers feed their family primers rather than their ill gotten profits.

            Mantain your momentum in trying to acquire your needed items however look at other methods to acquire your needs, there are many other places outside of GB where you won't have to deal with gold digging profiteers costing you more than you need to pay.
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