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22 caliber out of a 300 Win. Mag.?

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  • 22 caliber out of a 300 Win. Mag.?

    Hey at the last gunshow I bought somethings the guy called "Sabots" that are built so you can put a .224 caliber bullet in it and set it in a 30 caliber shell. I reloaded up some for my 300 mag and 30 06. It gave me a three inch group out to 75 yards. After that it's pretty much a guess. I got 200 of them from him and it's not the best but could be one more way to shoot and get game or for defense I guess. I just reloaded 20 bullets in each caliber with one set charge grains of powder so maybe I could do better if I played with it, but for just one guess I think it did pretty good.
    I thought I'd pass it on. Anyone got input in this?

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    Remington loaded these under the Accelerator name in .308, 30/30 and 30/06 for varmint hunting. They discontinued the .308, and produce a very limited supply of the other 2. I have not reloaded any of this type of ammo myself, yet. I did stock up on the nylon sabot inserts and Barnes varmint Grenade bullets in .22 Heard this was a devastating round. A .22 thru a .30 cal leaves no marks on the bullet, thus making it untraceable, or so I have been told...
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      The Army thought about them as well as the SEALS. In the Army test they used armor piercing bullets in the sabot loading and the penetrator separated from sabot IN THE BARREL and when it turned sideways cut long grooves down the barrels. I saw a pile 20 new M60 barrels on the floor at the range and they were only being fired single shot.

      No bore scope was needed to see the damage as the gouges were 6" to 12" long.

      Personally I would not bother with them.

      You are gonna lose the barrel so quick with the 300 Win mag loads that it probably wouldn't be beneficial to you anyway.

      300 Win Mag is a long range round for match shooters and the rule of thumb for them is 500 rounds. For hunting at close range you could probably stretch it to 1200.

      Not only do groups open up on magnums but the velocity drops off as the lands are burned away going down bore at an accelerated rate.

      Remember any time somebody wants to sell you increased performance down range ask them what the decrease side of the equation is.
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