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  • brass.....

    Went to the gun club tonight to pick up an application for a fellow at work...

    While there I noted a cart out front with bags of brass in it..

    i decided to put back some bags of 100......

    .38 Special...

    .357 Magnum

    .45 ACP..

    I will be cleaning and tumbling this brass....then inspecting it. No plans immediately to reload it....just put it aside.

    I decided for the price that it would not hurt to put back some brass....for reloading.

    Not an Ishmaelite.​

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    "In general, bottleneck rifle cartridges headspace on their case shoulders; rimmed cartridges headspace on the forward surfaces of their case rims; and rimless pistol cartridges headspace on their case mouths. The case belts on belted cartridges were originally added to allow headspacing on the belt's forward surface, But in practice, this is often vestigial, and rifles chambered for belted cartridges may well headspace them on their shoulders and still be within CIP or SAAMI dimensional limits."

    For a few reasons, trimming brass to its OAL is also wise.


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      2 weeks ago I was shooting a match in Great Falls MT and an old friend asked if I had need of some cleaned .44 magnum brass? Free brass, pick me! He came back from his car with 2 x 2 lb, 11 oz Folgers coffee cans full of .44 brass. I estimate at a minimum of 700-800 cartridge cases. Winter reloading season starts soon.


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        And, you came here to gloat? Well, as I for one can't say I blame you. Plus, .44 Mag and .44 Special are two places where I am lacking.
        One of my favorite obsolete calibers is the .222 Rmag. Whatever the .223 or 5.56 do, it does better.
        My grandson is a cop who takes practice very seriously and who wouldn't with free ammo? In addition, he always polices up brass. Thanks to him, I'm considering a .40 S&W as I have a few 1 gallon plastic bags filled with .40 S&W and also 9mm, 5.56 etc..
        My turn to gloat. ;)


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          I have never been keen on 9mm....preferring .38 Special and .357 to the 9mm....even the .45 ACP to the 9mm.


          I am noting that some companies are producing .38Special/.357 Mag revolvers with an extra 9mm cylinder.

          I am considering exploring this route.....

          It is difficult to debate the 9mm calibration under the conditions of a wheel gun with that flexibility.

          9mm seems to be everywhere today.

          Also I definitely like wheel guns...for some strange reason.

          I have a handful of selected semi auto handguns...but mostly wheel guns....

          Should I get such an wheel gun with a 9mm cylinder....reckon I will be reloading 9mm in significant do I currently reload .38 Special and also .357 Mag....also reload ,41 Mag...and .40 S&W.

          Not an Ishmaelite.


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            There is just something nice about a .44 mag pistol load moving down range at 950 fps. I digress.


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              I lean towards the 9mm over the .38/.357; simply because it holds more bullets and is faster to reload. With snakes, the .38/.357 shot caps have a definite advantage. A shovel worked quite well on a Timber Rattlesnake.
              Sorry, I'd post a picture, but the powers that be won't fix matters.

              Don't get me wrong, when a bear ticks me off; if I grab a pistol, it holds 6. However, the 6 are the next step up from .357. ;)

              As you said 9mm is very common today and for nowadays relatively inexpensive. I buy 9mm FMJ and reload it to whatever I want.

              I have a 9mm cylinder for my pre-transfer bar Ruger .357. To be honest, I've never used it.

              Have you ever tried the .41 Mag? I love my .44, but the .41 has a lot going for it, too.


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                by Tugaloo...

                I have a 9mm cylinder for my pre-transfer bar Ruger .357. To be honest, I've never used it.
                I had no idea that Ruger made a 9mm cylinder back then...before transfer bars.

                Not an Ishmaelite.


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                  They did and they also offered a Single Six in .22LR with an extra cylinder for .22 Mag in the 1960s. Except his extreme dislike for ARs, Mr. Ruger was quite innovative.
                  Many in the online community wouldn't buy a Ruger because they didn't offer an AR platform. I figured it was his business and his right to choose. BTW, usually the same people trashed the AR and purchased AKs until AKs increased in price and ARs decreased.


                  • #10
                    Never have shot the .41 magnum, basically because of the lack of guns chambered for it and lack of available brass. I gave up on .357 decades ago, finding that it is easier for me to shoot a .38 Special loaded to +P. I probably have about 10,000 .38 Spl brass and load at least (conservatively) 5,000-6,000 a year for both myself and my wife.


                    • #11
                      by Tugaloo...

                      Many in the online community wouldn't buy a Ruger because they didn't offer an AR platform. I figured it was his business and his right to choose. BTW, usually the same people trashed the AR and purchased AKs until AKs increased in price and ARs decreased.

                      Yeah......understand....and thanks.

                      I am not keen on the AR platform preferring the 30 cals like the SKS. I am also not keen on the AK platform as well, preferring the SKS in stead. I would like to have a bolt gun in 7.62 x 39mm...or even a single shot break open....keep it simple...

                      Like my Garand and especially my 1903 .30 US.

                      I am ok with the Ruger line...and for the most part ...I note that he has kept alive tried and true designs..the single shot....the western revolver....and an excellent line of .22 semi autos.

                      I have a Blackhawk in .41 Mag and verily like it. Have taken time to put back plenty of brass for it...and of course reload....
                      The Blackhawk series seems to be very popular among hunters..and well made....without being too expensive...
                      Have the Henry lever rifle in .41 mag as well. It just made sense...pistol and rifle in the same calibration.

                      Oh....and ironically ..I have a Ruger Precision rifle in .308 ....from a couple of years ago..and have never shot it...only mounted glass and that is it.

                      I shall soon have to remedy that situation.

                      NO ..I have no problem with the Ruger line....

                      Not an Ishmaelie.


                      • #12
                        In revolvers, I'm a fan of .357, 41, and .44.
                        The .41 mag is sweet. The biggest advantage of the .44 mag is the .44 Special. Add the .44 Mag has more commercially available bullet weights and .44 mag ammo is more available and costs less.
                        Personally my major like of the .41 mag is it shoots flatter..
                        I grabbed this at random without hitting the reloading manuals.
                        .41 Magnum (.410 in.) 210 gr JHP 1,560 ft/s Velocity 1,135 ft-l-bf
                        .44 Magnum (.429 in.) 240 gr JHP 1,475 ft/s Velocity 1,160 ft-l-bf
                        Other than more expensive and less available; IMO, 15 FPS and 25 l-bf, it is too close to debate and fun to enjoy. ​
                        Back to my shortcoming, SCHV or BCHV. LOL

                        I prefer the AR based on accuracy and faster reloading. IMO, the AK is a bar room brawler.
                        However, I own a Vepr II in .223 that will embarrass a lot of low end ARs.
                        I have a Chicom SKS with bring back complete with capture papers and a genuine Pan-Am carryon baggage tag. LOL

                        I also prefer the Ruger pretransfer Blackhawks. What I like is their accuracy and with a Buhler trigger shoe their triggers. The Buhler
                        ​'s additional width adds a better feel. Again, just my opinion.
                        It's all one's opinion meaning my $$ and my opinion counts. If it is yours or anyone else's money, it is their opinion that counts. What is really important is we all love to shoot and defend each other's 2nd Rights.
                        At risk of being flamed, I dislike the trigger weight of striker fire or double action revolvers. The 1911-A1 and CZ Omega triggers are my preference.

                        Again, no offense to others, but I prefer a Ruger SA to a DA S&W.