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Dillon gear will be my breaking point Pt 2

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    The centrifugal forces cause the projectile to fly apart.

    Depending on the diameter of the turbine rotor and the diameter of the compressor wheel, turbochargers spin at 120,000 to 140,000 RPM. The balance of the shaft and wheels assembly is highly critical.
    By law, turbocharger manufacturers must do what is called a "burst containment" test. Snip a little piece of the rotor off, bring it up to operating speed and kaboom. LOL


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      Yup. A friend tried a cast lead bullet though his 300 win mag, at near max charge for weight. The tgt looked like he hit it with a shotgun, and was scrubbing his barrel for a week with a de-leading compound. I never asked why he did it, as this was years ago.. I admit I try stuff, but that was a big WHY TF did you think that was OK?


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        It cost a lot of money to spin a V6 that fast. Why speed that kind of money to achieve a speed well passed what one will ever see. Why spent manufacturing $$ for speeds that the vehicle will never see?
        Look at the formula engines or it can be down; however, no one wants to pay for a balance that can handle an RPM higher than they'll ever go..


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          Some F1 tech is trickling down to modern cars, like the brake/ engine regeneration tech being used on hybrid motors. Lots of the tech will never touch the streets but there's some though. As to why spend that much $ on developing something that has no real payback, is why not? There's always someone with more cash than brains. Me I'd love to have a Kawasaki H2 or Suzuki rotary/wankle motorcycle. Yes it's a silly desire, but when they hit the powerband.... LoL hang on!. They also represent some pinnacles of engineering tech that were climbed, for no apparent payback. But the results decades later still stand. Ahh but this old man rambles on!


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            Basically, the tech will never hit the streets because of its cost. In the 1970s, I was part of a team to design a hydrostatic transmission. The design was a success, but shuttered because of its cost. However, not the cost of manufacturing the unit; it was the cost of optical flats to measure some of its components. Back then, it was NASA land.. LOL
            In today's world, tractors, riding mowers and more are quite cost effective to manufacture or purchase.

            When my street car hits boost, my wife says it is instant insanity. As there isn't any lag hitting boost, it is almost instant.