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Report on Reloading supplies availability..

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    If a rifle round was loaded with a fast burning powder; it would blow up in the chamber.

    To heat a can of C-Rations, cut a piece of C4 "plastic" explosive and roll it into a tubular shape, light it and heat the can. That's old school, today's version is add water and it cooks. LOL
    It's similar to black powder in a movie. Put a charge into the barrel and tamp it, add a patched ball and it's a propellant. Dump some from a keg in a line as a fuse light it and when it gets to the keg because the powder loose and contained, it explodes.
    Even Hollywood gets it right.. LOL

    I've read about Gerald Bull and watched a TV show about him. He worked for the US and Canadian militaries on the HARP (High Altitude Research Project). He designed the Project Babylon super gun for Saddam Hussein.
    Bull's super guns appeared to have a fixed elevation.

    Some say the Mossad killed him.


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      I think you are correct.....

      While I do not use 2400 ...I have spoken with plenty of people who use it in reloading .357 Magnum.

      For that I often use IMR 4227 which I expect is similar.

      Oh..and in are correct...

      If a rifle round was loaded with a fast burning powder; it would blow up in the chamber.

      I found this out when reloading a .35 Remington in a Thompson Contender and the case got stuck...the expansion was so quick...with a fast burning powder

      I did not do that again..

      Oh...about this...from the previous page...

      The burn rate for propellants used artillery shells are different than small arms.

      yes agree...but the ingredients are from similar base raw materials...I am sure it is a different mix.

      However....the first time I saw the propellant from a 155mm powder charge from the powder pit....cut open and laid on the ground for burning...I was astonished to find it looked like elbow macaroni with a light green tint to it.

      It looked as if one could boil it ...add the cheese and be good to go!!!

      But....that stuff burns fast and with a very tall wall of too!!!!

      Not an Ishmaelite.


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        It's all comparative as the burn rates are in micro seconds, look at the mortar round charge rings also.
        I use 4227 for my 7.62x39 rounds, but I also have used 5 gr of TITEGROUP for my mouse-fart rounds for my .223. Think subsonic rounds, but at 75m it already had dropped nearly a foot. I tried it years ago as a science experiment.


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          Originally posted by Armyjimbo View Post
          Through who?///

          Fast Toys / FTP Shooting Sports​ in Winnipeg. They have a web site. I emailed them Monday morning, they phoned me at 4pm for my credit card info. Shipped 5,000 Ginex SP primers by Purolator Tuesday morning and I received them 30 minutes ago (Thursday 1530)


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            yes agree...but the ingredients are from similar base raw materials...I am sure it is a different mix.
            By that criteria, as all beef has the same ingredients, it is the same. That would also apply to all pork, fish and poultry.

            '2400 is a flake powder. 4227 is an extruded powder. Neither will meter as well as the spherical powders and neither will be dead accurate in your progressive. You might have to try both to see which one did better."

            Description This charge is a component of Smoke Cartridges M2 and M2A1, Gas Cartridges M2 and M2A1, and High Explosive Cartridges M3 and M3A1.  A full charge consists of 25-1

            The 4.2" mortar's propellant is kind of a yellowish color.
            The 81mm mortar: The propellant charge is contained in four horseshoe felt fiber containers and assembled around the fin assembly shaft.

            You'll be working up new loads and that's the fun of it..


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              Originally posted by Tugaloo View Post

              You'll be working up new loads and that's the fun of it..
              I do enjoy it, yes. Problem being primers right, now cost and availability. I did manage to ge4 in on a pre order of 2k LRP (GINEX), BUT at 300 for them. Having said that I just saw an ad for 1000 for 350!
              Doing a proper workup ladder test runs anywhere from 25-50 rounds, depending on charge variance. Then toss in speed checks, it eats up a resource with finite limits.
              Needless to say I'm not doing too much of it, but rather confirmation of loads. I'll be doing a little adjustment on a few different calibers, to make up for different bullets to be used. I've got some 160 grain Bergers for my CG63 as now all my loads are for 123 and 139 grain Lapua Scenar, definitely not an ethical hunting round.


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                Working up or tailoring loads for a specific firearm can be fairly easy or complex, For AR/AK etc. platforms, pretty much any load from a reloading manual will do the trick. Some platforms are that are capable of extreme accuracy require more time.


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                  Originally posted by Armyjimbo View Post
                  Wow Armyjimbo...that is why i taught myself to reload....though reloading supplies are today in the same boat....expensive.

                  This is how ishmaelites work to put us into their bondage and servitude....for their reasons. Economic bondage which controls everything else.

                  Not an Ishmaelite
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                    AJ, Fast Toys charged me $120.00/ 1,000 plus $52.00 for shipping. Its nice to have 5,000 in my stock for next years reloads.


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                      I hear you Garand, the 2k will keep me going for a longish time. With both Trudeaus massive takeaways have happened for the gun community , PET took away AKs Castro Jr took away ARs.


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                        Last month I was having a hard time finding large pistol primers to build next years ammo. I found 2,000 federal large at $225.00/thousand. Shortages suck.


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                          You members think what you me an olde conspiracy nut..but I am suspecting something is going on right under our noses.....

                          I am suspecting that someone or some group is getting our country and others...ready for another war.

                          This started for me with the un availability of reloading supplies....but has branched out to other items now as well.

                          Batteries for vehicles are going up in price....been going up....

                          Certain Food stuffs in the stores are going up and some in short supply .

                          I am suspecting that this trend will continue and accelerate..

                          If we are not getting ready for another war...we are certainly arming another country to fight for us a proxy war...complete with massive amounts of our goods...not just weapons...but everything else needing to be supplied for a war.

                          Another alarm bell which ran loud for me was antibiotics. For our pets anti biotics used to be across the counter....sold...

                          But as of this summer ....for pet anti needs to go to ones vet for a prescription. This tells me that someone is trying to control the anti biotics market

                          And anti biotics are a critical war material.

                          Now ...add to all this mix that these war preps are being financed by inflationary spending and you have a sure remedy for shortages.....and I think it will get worse and shortly. It will be accelerating...

                          As I stated...I may just be a conspiriacy....nut....but something is whispering in my ear to pay attention to what is happening..

                          I also suspect that someone is looking to widen out the Ukraine something bigger...much much bigger....and at public expense. Those of us who have been around for some time...have seen this pattern happen in history before...same MO.

                          You members decide for yourselves....but I also wonder if down the road....emergency measures ..planned and engineered emergency measures...will threaten our liberties and freedoms....our very livelihood's.

                          Ishmaelites run wild ...over our countries and nations.

                          Not an Ishmaelite.


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                            Just who might be preparing us for war, Joe Biden? God help our war fighters with Biden as CIC.

                            I have a variety of preps for times of need. Does our military have enough weapons to fight a war? Somehow, as all the production of so many tools of war are being sent to Ukraine, I doubt it. How about you?

                            The people in Maui will receive $750. No one has mentioned any funds for Idalia victims in Florida and Georgia.

                            Agreed, I do see the Russian-Ukrainian war as a proxy war.

                            For many years many people bought pet antibiotics to self medicate themselves. That meant big pharma and medical professionals were losing a lot of money.
                            My parents raised bird dogs. Vizslas, Weimaraners, and German Shorthairs. We gave them all their shots ourselves. Our only Vet bills was for removing dew claws.

                            COVID is returning so we'll need to get vaccinated again as thousands of unvaccinated illegals cross our borders.
                            Americans, it is time to remove head from rectums.

                            Anyone who goes grocery shopping knows prices have increased for less quantity. It is time for Americans to ask the same question Reagan asked Carter. Are you any better today than you were 4 years ago? Carter didn't lie and answered NO!