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Report on Reloading supplies availability..

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  • Report on Reloading supplies availability..

    Here in Hampton Rhodes, Virginia..

    Report on reloading supplies.

    Today, 10:47 PM
    Of recent I made a trip to Bass Pro Shops here locally and did not find much in reloading supplies to suit me...

    Powder selection was very thin and also, they only had small rifle primers.

    I did find two boxes of bullets which I .357 diameter/ 158 grain weight and also a box of .308 Caliber rounds...both of which I purchased and put away in my supplies/stocks for a future time....preps.

    Today I took trip across the river in the other direction and at my favorite reloading store found two 1 lb. cans of IMR 3031 powder of which I made one purchase. This can was very expensive some $56 per can but I bought it nonetheless as I knew not when another place would have it. I am looking for a can of IMR 4227...or a suitable substitute....for loading .357 mag and or .41 mag. for reloading are still sparse around here.and I like to pay cash....not order on line....or write checks or use plastic.

    And now you know the rest of the story!!!

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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    Same here, my not quite LGS says no primers till spring. I've decided to try to invest in a larger stash, as this is the first time I've found myself into the last few k of them. I grossly underestimated the amount l go through in them, so l must revisit my plan. This includes powder too, as while l won't pay 100+ for any regular powder VV is the exception. Bullets and brass i'm OK for, well maybe a few 100s more for 6.5 Swed Mauser and 357 SIG brass just to be sure. Powder I've got a stash, but I do need to get my larger caliber powder larger.

    I'm thinking a double ration for everything on hand, once everything is loaded. Why keep 2k brass on hand if you can only DIY 200, right?


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      Yesterday, just finished loading 800x .38 Spl for my wife's gun for next year's Cowboy Action shooting matches. Still got another 800 to build, but it is difficult to get done, the closer the holiday season gets. Our LGS got in a small amount of pistol primers recently, I was allowed 1,000 each. With what I have built already, primers I have in stock and what I bought, my wife and I have enough ammo to last us until August. We are planning to attend 3x 10 day matches by the middle of August so this should be cutting it close. Our LGS is starting to get bulk factory ammo which is good, primers and powder supplies will turn around whenever. Last year or so I've been buying anything when it becomes available. 2 months ago I picked up 7,000 bullets (projectiles) in 9mm & .45acp from an estate sale.

      I checked my stock on .30 carbine and had over 2,000+ loaded and enough components for 1,200 more. I'm starting to use my carbine once a week at the range in case Bill C-21 passes as is. I don't need to get stuck with that much ammo I can't use anywhere else. I'm kicking myself for not buying a Ruger revolver in .30 carbine when I had the opportunity 2 yeas ago.


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        Well I know that pain. 2x crates of 7.62x39. And nothing to shoot it now.


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          I'm not trying to stir the pot; however

          Any idea what the issues are North of the border?


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            Out of almost everything. LRP are impossible to find it seems


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              Here, there are so many online suppliers. The best deal on price are often sold out and those who charge a lot more have them.

              Back during the ammo shortage days, gun show vendors were buying in volume and selling 20 rounds in zip lock bags.