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Dillon gear will be my breaking point

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    It is interesting as firearms bans create frenzied buying and also a high priced black market.

    There is nothing wrong with a wheel gun as they are simple or point, squeeze and plug.

    During the BLM riots, Clyde Armory in Athens, GA; all the employees worked all night to guard the store from looters. Do a search for Clyde Armory in Athens, GA and hit images; the place is a fortress and they also sell Class III or FA firearms.

    Same as Adventure Outdoors ( Clyde Armory does not allow internet sales or transfer to your local FFL as they both choose to limit sales to Georgia residents.
    I haven't visited Adventure Outdoors yet.



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      I've looked in my locker and yes i have one Herbert Schmidt wheelie. If I use subsonics it's pretty sneaky . I understand the appeal and appreciate them, but the both of us are semis fans. For her I think she made a great choice for a first hand thing. Not outsized, she's familiar with the CF Browning and the 226. Being a German born woman , you can easily see that LOL!

      To get my Ruger Predator in my caliber I used IRUNGUNZ as my FFL cost a few bucks but it took a year + before Ruger actually brought them into Canada. I've been looking at a REDLION PRESCISION stock for me, but using these guys first item costs an extra 200. Because they will have to purchase it for me, then export it to me. I'll have to sign paperwork saying I won't use it as a part of a war. Standard end user certificate stuff, just like Nicolas Cage in Lord of War.

      So now I can't justify the expense would like to, but priorities and all. This Dillon is still nibbling here and there, now I'm .looking at 3 of the brass feeder frisbees at 61 US @ then shipping........duties.....AAAARRRRGGGGGG this isn't cheap....OMG. Well Im thinking this SHOULD be my last of the last of the BIG purchases. Then it becomes merely conversion kit for 30.06 to add later, I can use it for anything based on that case, Creedmore, 308, 7.08, 300SAV, ETC. The end is Near!


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        The wheel gun opinion came from when I lived near Ft. Bragg. My neighbor was a major in 7th SFG. His home protection was a 9mm on his side of the bed and a wheel gun on hers; plus a Rem 870.
        He said although she shoots the 9mm well in a high stress situation, who knows.

        I've never seen a Herbert Schmidt handgun.

        I run gunz appears to be pointed more at exporting than local or US sales.

        The Ruger Predator is sweet. The way they mitigated the "plastic stocks" lack of rigidity was right slick.
        The more I shoot custom rifles, the more I’ve come to appreciate accurate entry level rifles. I liked the Ruger American Rifle Predator in 6 Creedmoor when I reviewed it back in March 2017, b…

        I haven't seen a Red Lion stock in person, but they look very good.

        IMO, it takes spending money to save money. Add it also takes spending money to increase accuracy.


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          The KELTEK SUB 2K because it folds, is a nice thing to have in the back pocket. I like it's brutal simplicity, much like the Sterling SMG or M3 "grease gun".


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            Well I got a 1911, well it's a primer tube loader. It means I don't have to stab primers, with the standard way of loading them manually. And the bonus is it was 1/3the price of the dillon machine, The Dillon tubes fit it though, and as as a bonus, i came with 2 lg and 2 sm tubes!

            Click image for larger version

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              That is a great accessory!

              How does it orient the primers correctly?


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                it has the standard type bottom of a primer flip tray in it. It has both lg and sm.

                Click image for larger version

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                  That is a seriously innovative device!

                  How does it know which primer to flip?


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                    the little groove catch the sharp edge and it flips, the rounded bottom allows it to slide uneffected
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                      Originally posted by Armyjimbo View Post
                      [the little groove catch the sharp edge and it flips, the rounded bottom allows it to slide uneffected
                      Thanks, using words, you replaced the video. ;)

                      Have you reloaded mil-surplus ammo? I'm aware of its thicker case walls; however, the case volumes varied a lot.


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                        I have mil brass tends to require a reduced load . the thicker brass increases case pressures. All the books show 7.62x51 and 5.56 military loads vs the .308 and .223 loads. It's why they say don't use 5.56 in a 223 rifle, but you can use x51 in a .308.


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                          Here's an interesting discussion on .308 and 7.62x51

                          Other than a slight OAL and the usual case thickness (volume), there is also a chamber pressure difference.

                          OTOH, those difference discussions are almost as numerous as what is the best deer rifle caliber. LOL

                          The Wylde chamber cures the .223-5.56 interchangeability problem.

                          The .223 Wylde chamber was designed by Bill Wylde (a gunsmith from Greenup, Illinois). The intent was to keep the potential accuracy benefits of a .223 chamber, and also the better ammunition selection of being able to fire 5.56 loadings. All while safely avoiding excessive pressure buildup that results when firing higher-pressure 5.56mm NATO ammunition in a normal .223 Remington chamber. In other words, this is a hybrid chamber that seeks to gain the best of both worlds.

                          I don't see the theoretical accuracy increase with .223 ammo; however, I have seen a definite accuracy increase with 5.56.

                          OTOH, it does not fix reducing the load for 5.56 due to less case volumes.


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                            I don't run any 5.56 in my now bolt 223. I did have a AR in 5.56 though. I've checked in on the Wylde, but voted with my wallet on a 6.5 Grendel. But that was then in an AR chassis, it's been salvaged into a NR system now.


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                              Whelp! Setting up the powdering system, but forgot it was set for my 550. Only took 2 destroyed cases to get it set right. Good thing 223 brass is cheap, not like it's a hard to find caliber .

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                                I don't have a .223 bolt. But other than for plinking ammo; I'd stick to commercial or homemade.

                                As it shoots either quite well, the Wylde is a sweet modification.

                                Not counting 2 CZs and a FN pistols; last vote with my wallet was a 6.8 SPC. A bud in Oregon sent my pictures of his 6.8 SPC's terminal ballistics. Flat wicked.
                                The biggest complaint about the 5.56 is its lack of legs and the 6.8 SPC adds legs. IMO, it was well worth breaking my no new calibers rule.. Back when SSA (Silver State Armory) was selling ammo to us average day people; I bought 1000 or so rounds. As the 6.8 SPC is just about obsolete now; I'm still glad I did.

                                Oops on the cases. ;)

                                Due to lube denting cases because of the long shallow angle, the 22 Hornet or the .22K Hornet were a challenge to reload.

                                Have you checked out ballistic compensating scopes? I saw one in a magazine, it stated calibrated for 3,250 FPS. There is a major disconnect between the barrel length they are using and the one most people own. I'll stick with the mil-dot system.