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Dillon gear will be my breaking point

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    Nice Dillon! Way beyond my pension plan though. Had a good weekend at a Cowboy match this weekend, didn't set the world on fire but there is always next weekend. The swap meet was good, from one guy I got 279 used .38 Super cases for $10.00, from another 900 used .38 Super cases for $75.00 and inflation has hit my favorite cast bullet manufacturer, all his prices went from $80.00/1,000 to $90.00/1,000.


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      I load everything with my RCBS, LOL! Today, components are too expensive; so, I want to savor every moment.

      Do you sort your mil-surplus by case volume etc.?

      Contemplating one's belly button! ROFL!!!

      I have a few belted magnums.

      Have you played with Tannerite?

      I'd like to add one of the hot new RFs, either that or a .22 mag bolt action.
      This was gross, I had some coyotes hanging around and needed to deal with them. A 22-250 neck shot at maybe 150' decapitated one.

      Today was a big moment for us. The sky opened and the Davis measured 1.63" of badly needed rain and there are still black clouds rolling in.
      When one lives in a forest rain is a big thing without it; one lightning hit and look out.


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        Tugaloo. No need for more rimfire calibers, as then I'd need to build up a supply of them. Good thing rain is as long as it isn't like my November rain. Tannerite ,hmmmm. Yes I use it to annoy my friends. I use some small jars (aprox 2" dia) I get at the dollar store and I'm walking the distance to 500m with them I tell them it's like a bullseye but at longer ranges. So at 200m its 1 MOA etc. My smallest center fire is .223 Rem. No I don't sort mil cases by volume but I don't max charge them either. I did find 500 SP .224 bullets 55g for 100$ and 100 SP 123g 7.62x39 for 45 $, so I got some. Included with the press is a specialty tool head for shorter bottle necked rounds so I get better seating though.

        Garand . Yea good deal on the brass. My cast coated 120 grain 9mm runs about that too, but delivery is the real cost. The guy I purchased the press casts and coats them but lives in Edmonton, but vacations a few hours away. So I buy a bunch and wait till he's on vacation. Fortunately I have a 9mm barrel for my G22, along with my Sig in 9mm. I have a bunch of 40 S&W loaded, but as 9mm brass is plentiful to allow me to make like a brass goblin. So I plink with it (9mm), and keep my 40 for later.


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          Garand, I keep hearing a lot about lipstick bullets, any thoughts?
          That was as close to stealing them as it gets!! Enjoy!!!
          Here, due to Anti-Fa and BLM everything is scarce or expensive. As an ex-Infanteer, you know about "cherries" in combat. IMO, having the $$$ to buy whatever and very little range time; doesn't make a Grunt.

          For me, buying a 22 mag RF bolt action means I have plenty of ammo for it. :) Dern, I wish this site had more than one icon..
          To remove opossums and raccoons, a .22 Mag would be a less expensive and definitely less wear on the ears.

          When one lives in a forest, rain is a blessing..

          The guy I mentioned who used magnum primers for a 30-30. He bought at least a 1000 Lipsticks for his late 1800s Winchesters and Italian clones. He slugged a barrel and ordered. What he missed was the Italian clones have a different diameter than old 30-30 Winchesters.

          My smallest CFs are 22 Hornet, 22-K Hornet .and 221 FB. However, small caliber can be difficult to define as to some; my varmint .222 Rmag, .223, 5.56 etc. are small.

          The wife loves Tannerite. It was the easiest way to get her to shoot distance.


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            A friend just got a supergrade model 70 in 22 hornet, Intresting concept at over 4000 FPS, it shows how the E=MC2 concept can be pushed around to gain the desired effect.


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              4000 FPS is really pushing the envelope. I've read using Hodgdon Lil Gun powder, 3000 FPS is doable in modern firearms.
              Either of my 22 Hornets are a rip to shoot and very inexpensive to shoot. The only negative with the Hornet is one must be judicious with case lube!

              What bugged me was in their Closing Comments.
              The Hornet continues to remain popular today, finding favor with hunters in the 60 year age group, men born in the 1950's who began shooting and hunting during the mid 1960's. Hodgdon Lil Gun has certainly livened the Hornet up more recently, producing real, worthwhile velocity gains.
              The Hornet is very accurate, low recoil. and isn't a big powder eater. My grandson is in his mid 20s and loves shoot his Hornet rifle. OTOH, perhaps the article was written before the price of powder went off the radar..


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                my bad it is 3000 fps google lied to me. Looks like an intresting low recoil round, thats cheap to use.


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                  I'm really a champ at doing the "my bad." Often I catch them before I hit reply and some times, after I log off..
                  Only to be embarrassed the next day. ROFL


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                    I know so little about the round it could be correct


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                      That was interesting.

                      Before they went defunct, I used to subscribe to Precision Rifle magazine. There was an article about the .220 Swift with 45 gr Hornet bullets at 5000 FPS. With the Swift's twist, the bullets were spinning so fast they exploded before reaching the target.

                      Precision Rifle still has a blog:

                      The 2.40 Weatherby magnum was invented because Mr. Weatherby and a surgeon were hunting antelope in Africa and the meat was bitter tasting. The surgeon said it was because to obtain their speed; the antelope's heart received a huge shot of adrenalin which made the meat bitter. Weatherby invented the .240 WB and its terminal ballistics took the antelope down before the
                      adrenalin made the meat taste bitter.

                      I heard this on BBC SW. It is a quote by Dorothy Parker: "The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." Beats me just who
                      Dorothy Parker was; however it sure as heck defines me.


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                        Same here, ADHD is horrible sometimes but sometimes it's awesome


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                          I'll pass on ADHD.

                          Lightning visited someplace and the generator is running..

                          Gas here is $4.89 and that is with Georgia's $0.298 excise tax turned off.


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                            Originally posted by Tugaloo View Post
                            I'll pass on ADHD.

                            Lightning visited someplace and the generator is running..

                            Gas here is $4.89 and that is with Georgia's $0.298 excise tax turned off.

                            Well I got the replacement bits, so when I return I'll start working on it. My older shooting buddy had a stroke, so I gave him some LAPUA brass to play with till he gets the doctors ok to move about. Tests are being done tommorow . I dropped them off today, and stayed and chatted with him for a few minutes. The whole time, he was toying with them like the oft spoken about BRASS CROW. He just got a heavy barrel CZ in 6.5 you guessed it Grendel . But I gave him enough brass, to ladder test then do a lands jump test all on fresh brass.

                            I'm suffering 2.09 a liter the equivalent to 7+ cdn a US gallon. But I am going SUV shopping in Vancouver where it will be 8.25.EEEEKKKKK. I saw a thing where California will begin taxing people with solar panels. Taxing a free energy very California !
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                              Unless you're Garand who was in the perfect place at the perfect time; brass is a treasure.

                              I reload for at least 15 calibers; so at adding a new one is not on my agenda. LOL

                              As under Trump with the pipelines running, gas here was under $2 per gallon. The price of gas in Canada was a big surprise to me. Does Canada have a Trudeau version of the Biden "I did that "decal? ;)
                              Gas pumps are being reprogrammed to support $10 and up per gallon..

                              When it comes to California and taxes, nothing would surprise me.
                              When Ma Bev (Beverly Perdue) was NC's governor. She wanted to tax well water because it was the same water. She wanted to tax electric vehicles' by mileage because they used the roads and and didn't pay excise or road use tax. Another was a flatulence tax on farm animals' farts and yes, I'm serious.
                              I'd charge politicians a gas tax as everything that comes out of their mouths is B$,

                              I own an early 1960s Sako Vixen in .222 Rmag and this link was a find:

                              I'm not too sure about it being a Vixen as many are listed as pre-Vixen. After the pre-pressed checking Rem 700s; I've given up keeping track of pre and post with firearms.
                              Nosler makes .222 Rmag brass and loaded ammo, too. Any rifle that groups a slightly bigger than caliber group is worth saving.


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                                Well as I gave up on finding my drum for my Frankford Arms tumbler, I ordered a replacement; Came in it's store box all fancy, then another box that slides into, packed into yet another cardboard box. No wonder why there's a pulped paper shortage. Now I need to tumble all the contaminated from the flood brass. And to get reassembling the press.