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Dillon gear will be my breaking point

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  • Many of today's rifles are guaranteed to hold under a MOA and with commercial BR ammo, they do it. To guarantee a MOA average from all rifles means will shoot considerably than a MOA.
    The key is today's machinery can easily hold smaller tolerances than ever before. Although there are other factors, tighter tolerances improve accuracy.

    I'm in the same situation. I often wonder how I could get so much done when I was working.


    • Yes, but a number of my rifles are pre 60's manufacture. Some the MOA is there, but on others it's not guaranteed IE Mosin Nagant built prior to 1931. This shows how far manufacturing and machinery have come, vs nearly bespoke quality manufacture in the same time. Sure it will work, but will it work well I'm trying to say. Knowledge goes a long way in this. Most of the major advances in firearms design happened in a VERY short time span. From smokeless powder, magazine type, bullet casing, primer construction, bullet design, sights. In about 40 years we went from large bore black powder single shots, to a small bore smokeless powder, cased bullet, magazine fed, rifle. even today the arguments of fixed vs removable mags are being discussed. Then there's twist rate, barrel length DI vs Gas Operated.
      There's lots of rifles that had many of those things, but getting them to the things we have is something else. Heck the AR15 is a great example of the development process, the US government is still trying to find the perfect caliber for it's military. I'm just glad I can see such advances,


      • I have a pre-pressed checkering R700 in 7mm Rmag. It is well South of a MOA; if I let the barrel cool. If I cycle it as fast as I can, it vertically strings. OTOH, what is not to like about a .31 x .94 inch 9 shot group? and the list goes on. My father's Rem 760 pump is a tad bigger than a MOA. All of them use "tailored" reloads and wear an old Japanese ground Tasco scope. A 1957 Marlin 336C in .35R that will hold a clover leaf at 100 wearing old Weaver K series.

        I believe the Army has found it:
        Hornady's 6mm Advanced Rifle Cartridge (ARC) is the first time in history that the commercial announcement of a cartridge was preceded by adoption within the military. While Hornady has been extremely secretive about who adopted the cartridge, they can say that it is a "notable Department o

        OTOH, I thought they found it with the 6.8 SPC

        When I started in design tolerances were huge. One I remember was .02" or .51mm and today it is .05mm or .002".

        Every year that passes new developments appear.


        • Never been a fan of the 700 new or old, although the old ones are a good investment. Far too many other flavors available to grab a 700, I'm still working on militaria, I desire a KARIBIENER 31 (Swiss K31,) a mint Swedish Mauser, a Lunjman version of the SVT40, oh the list is long varied and distinguished


          • Once I decide on a firearm; I'm a hoarder who keeps them.

            A Ljunman SVT would be a rather scarce piece; so bring your wallet. ;)

            I've seen K31s for sale:
            Here, one could be shipped to your door if you had a C&R (Curio & Relic) license.
            There's an internet myth that Hitler didn't invade Switzerland because of the K31. IMO, Switzerland's terrain was not conducive the Nazi's Blitzkrieg style. Some explosives and riflemen on the next mountain would extract a high price.

            Back in the 1970s, kind of a friend needed money and offered me a Gwinn Bushmaster for $200. The deal was he could buy it back for $200 and he never did.


            • Back to the Kanuckistan laws, a rifle is a rifle unless the gubernatorial crime minister decides it's a black scary one


              • One of my ARs is desert tan with a stainless barrel, the only blacks are the trigger and "flash hider." So, it's definitely not a scary black rifle..


                • It's kinda hard to take her BS when our crime minister, is protected by the very things she decries.


                  • It is always that way.

                    Here they defund the police, judges release violent criminals, and more. While the democrats want to disarm us? Screw them.


                    • Rising prices, criminality, defunding police, yes a perfect time to make myself defenseless.


                      • Although the group is shrinking, the real tragedy is some people still believe. Loyalty can be a very good thing; OTOH, it can also be a very stupid thing.

                        Buttigieg boasted about how high gas prices are forcing Americans towards electric vehicles during an interview on REAL 92.3’s Big Boy TV. 

                        Tell that to a young family of 4 driving a 6 year old car. Without doubt this administration is totally out of touch with reality. If reality was manure and their nose was being rubbed in it; they'd say it smells good.


                        • I can justify a new dual sport XT250 but a new 4 wheel no way. My street veh are a 94 Mazda 323 and my new fuel pig a 05 TrailBlazer. @7+$ a gallon you can see why I've got the priority that I do. The MC great mileage low running costs, the TB is my escape the world go anywhere veh. Additions to come, a mild lift and better knobblier trires. The Mazda is super cheap all around..


                          • My 1980 Harley gets over 50 MPG with big bore barrels and stroked for 98".
                            We have an Equinox that gets good MPG if someone keeps her foot off it. I traded my 2016 Sonoma 4x4 in on a 2019 Colorado ZR2.
                            As I have a gentle foot, its best highway was 28 MPG. It's a couple of inches higher than higher than the Sonoma. It has the usual Posi traction rear and also dual e-lockers.


                            • I have nobody to blame but myself for my mileage


                              • Originally posted by Armyjimbo View Post
                                I have nobody to blame but myself for my mileage
                                My wife needs to admit the same thing. ROFLMAO. Her Equinox is the 2.0 twin turbo engine.