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Dillon gear will be my breaking point

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  • I've never heard of a RioRand scope. Learn something everyday.

    What's your opinion on the Leapers? As mentioned, I have a high opinion of the one I have.

    Here the SVT 40 is considered a "Curio and Relic"
    A regulation implementing federal firearms laws, 27 CFR § 478.11, defines curio or relic (C&R) firearms as those which are of special interest to collectors by reason of some quality other than is associated with firearms intended for sporting use or as offensive or defensive weapons.

    Basically and there are exceptions, a C&R license requires the firearm to be 50 years old. The SVT 40 is considered to be C&R qualified meaning it can be shipped directly and has driven prices of the rifle through the ceiling.


    • Up here in Kanuckistan it's just another rifle. It cannot be considered an assault rifle due to it's fullsized cartridge. Mine was purchased used in fair condition, ie well used. I've hung a scope and a NTD mount on it, and the flak I get about it is funny. I've looked up each person who trash talks me and look for their rifle, one guy has a video on a Henry .22 as his ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE rifle. But nobody seems to own one, mine ran 400 Cdn maple dollars. I added the mount for 150 and the cheek riser for 20. Now I've gotten offers of 1400$, I've pondered hard about that offer.
      But I also have 2+ crates of party poppers for it along with 4 mags @ 100$ ea. No it's staying put, I can use it to go after everything except Kodiak and Polar bear. Everything else I can put down, it's surprisingly one of the most natural pointing rifles I've come across. I've got some brass and other reloading stuff for it, just in case I wish to hunt with it. I generally use it to annoy the range rats with mega$ guns, out shooting them from 100 to 500m hitting steels I can run them quick but the pencil barrel gets warm.


      • Here a lot of people buy them because with a C&R license they can be delivered to their residence. That drove the price way up. The same affect happened to Trapdoor Springfield rifles. I can sell mine for a minimum of twice what I paid and often a maximum of 3 times.

        There's nothing wrong with Henry rifles except for some of the people that own one.

        I have a pre-pressed checking R700 in 7 Rmag. It is extremely accurate; however, firing 9 shots as fast as I can cycle it vertically strings about .94" or .23.9mm.

        Annoying range rats is fun.. Two of them were shooting a mega buck rifle and my 12 y/o grandson was shooting one of my ARs. They didn't have a 2 shot group that was close to his 5 shot group.. It deflated their good hunting accuracy egos..


        • Yea I get that alot. I can arrive as some are shooting, set up scope, bean bag and be waiting 15 min while they tinker and fire a second round. I then ask to go downrange to hang targets. I return and they are still trying to figure out whats happening . I fire 2 rifles at 100 200m, then they need to go downrange and discuss it at the tgt . AAARRRGGGG ! Just clear the range please! Eventually they do and that's when I start to run the steel tgts at 300-500m once thats done I'm off to the hopefully empty pistol range to get the minimum 100+ pistol rounds done. I did a count and I'm @ 1500 9mm and about 12 lbs of 40 S&W. And if you don't have a auto feed press heres an idea

          Click image for larger version

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          • I got a call from Dillon, they are processing my order today! Finally !


            • As it has taken so long; they probably had to hire someone. Or might be type everything in manually with Dillion's volumes
              Dillion owned a Huey slick and a minigun.
              This is a good read and you'll enjoy it.

              SAR: You could fire a two round burst from a Minigun?

              Mike: You can sit there and fire a two-round burst out of the gun now. Before if you fired a two round burst you’d throw 8,9, or 10 rounds overboard in the unloading after you let off the trigger. I wanted my guns to be equipped exactly the way the military guns are equipped, because we are developing some products for them.
              That sounds as if Dillion was involved with the developing the 6 barreled Gatling used in fighter jets. When the pilot releases the trigger, it stops firing and 6(?) rounds do not fire. The weapon reverses the 6 to avoid wasting them.
              I interviewed at the place that designed or modified them to whatever the military wanted.

              I create a system image; if my HD dies; I buy another, load the system image and I'm back to wherever the system image was created. I run one every Sunday at 1900.

              After I shoot enough mil-surplus up; I'll probably buy a progressive.
              From the mid 1990s to 2004 when I moved; I used to buy ammo from a good bud who was a reseller. He mostly sold to FFLs and pawn shops. I knew those prices wouldn't last so I bought a lot.


              • Bit of a day , spent 6.5 hours to go what would usually take 3.5 on my XT250. To top it off a guy hauling an excavator tried to cut a bridge in 1/2.. Thats what created a reroute which had a MC fatality, AND on the tertiary route a semi hit a power pole. My face is windburned, but I got the replacement vehicle 05, Trailblazer with 7 pax seating. and 190 k vs the dead ones 300+. good night y'all bedtime


                • That was a very bad day that ended being a very good day!!!

                  190k is roughly 118 miles or you were on the receiving end of a very good trade! A '05 is 17 years old or it was driven a ridiculously small amount per year!

                  When I worked in Detroit, I lived about 25 miles away.. One night there was a pileup on I-75. I changed routes to my backup and and was in another traffic jam due to a house fire. The house fire was in Pontiac in a neighborhood that often made the news for all the wrong things. Car jackings, shootings and more. It took over 5 hours to drive 25 miles.


                  • Idiots everywhere . Today at 830, merely taking the trash out, I can feel signs of how close i was to a heat sun humidity issue. BTDT got the t shirt, Glad i noticed the signs.
                    The highway was shut down yesterday after a loaded truck hit the 192nd Street overpass.


                    • There are more idiots.

                      Military or ex-Military will really push themselves passed the limit.

                      That is a nasty "dent" in the bridge. It looks as if the excavator's machine had its boom up???

                      I had an experience today. I bought a printer, unpacked it plugged it in and installed the ink cartridges. Everything stopped there with a message stating use HP cartridges only. Well, stupid, I'm using the ones that were packed in the box. It turned out they were 952 and the correct ones were 962.

                      Buckle your seat belt:


                      • Theres been a issue that they need to make a standard size, kinda like a USB cord. cuts down on having to have a hundred models.
                        Yup the cracks are starting to appear in the story. Now ive seen news that the Dems may not endorse brandon to go for a second term. What with his inability to read a teleprompter as a sign of how far the gears are slipping. Well I've been charged for the dillon gear, so I'm hoping to see it in about 2 weeks what with Customs and needing to add import fees.


                        • Dillion's dies are the absolute best for loading FA rounds. A semi auto would benefit as although it isn't FA; it cycles faster than any platform except FA.

                          As you mentioned about his failure to read the teleprompter, I have a feeling you'd enjoy this site's cartoon:

                          It's a lot more than mere cracks.

                          I ran across this software: It can be added to any browser and it is quite effective at blocking more than I've ever seen before. The internet is fun; OTOH, it is also all about making money.
                          I don't do anything online that matters to me, the wife, the Fed or anyone else. OTOH, if they want to use me for their demographic database? I expect to be paid for it. ROFL

                          I saw something really cool at the bird feeders yesterday. As usual, there was a lot of birds at the feeders or waiting in the Mountain Laurel. I saw a hawk flying in for a meal. All the birds scattered into the woods and the hawk lost a few feathers.
                          We've found a lot of dove feathers on the ground and without any doubt that explained it


                          • I've been upgrading my dies for a bit, I do have a few sets of them.CG63 and one for my Grendel. .Those are my tack driver rounds , so I want to play with jump to the lands for stupid accuracy.(223 9mm and 40S&W also) I've got my powder loads figured out, now to try accurizing even more. My CG63 shoots sub 1 MOA and my bolt Grendel has given me just over 1/2 MOA .64" so I can't complain buttttttttttt.........

                            So now I want some micrometer adjust for the CG & my bolt Grendel . Once I get my spending under control . Car, Motorcycle for my bro, DILLON press conversion kits, house remediation . May be a month or 2
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                            • With bolt actions and TCs, I try minimize the jump, but not so with pistols. Basically, I left the platform dictate what it wants and the same applies with optics.
                              One problem is heat. I have a pre-pressed checkering R700 in 7R mag. It's a hunting rifle or as the barrel heats, it vertically strings.

                              Dies with micrometer adjustment are great. If they existed back when I was shooting; I doubt I could have afforded one. LOL

                              I used to compete here: The most amazing thing is with say an 8" group is how far the group is barely above caliber size.

                              I have a few bolt actions that are .5 MOA or less.


                              • Very nice, at.5 MOA. The majority of my bolties can do better than 100M on a good day, but at 1 KM not too many but that's what I prefer to do though. But as I'm working as usual at 1 billion projects, plans are coming together slowly. A friend is coming to the 'hood to visit, we both want to try some shooting fishing trips. I know of a few places with 1.5 KM reach, so I'm just waiting for my spotter!