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First reloading press

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  • First reloading press

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Herters.JPG Views:	0 Size:	38.6 KB ID:	221686

    Actually it was my father's; however, it was the press I learned how to reload ammo.
    How many here remember Herters?

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    Know the name, mine was a RCBS RC IV. Now my main one is a Dillon 550, but I'm upgrading from the 550 to a 1050. I'll be adding a motor drive eventually after I win the lottery.


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      Bought a RCBS RS3 in 1986, RCBS replaced a couple of pins that broke last year. Wow, what a warranty! I still use it for all my rifle calibers. I bought a Dillion Square B in the early '90's, used it for a couple of years then sold it after I blew up a 1911 with a squib load during a match. Bought a Lyman "T Mag" in 2012 while shooting in Phoenix and 5 turrets to load all my pistol calibers. In 2014 my wife won a Dillion 550 at the SASS Nationals in Phoenix, we sold it without opening the box. I prefer a single stage press even as a high volume shooter, my reason, when you drive 27 hours to shoot a match, I don't want to take a chance on any thing not working. With a single stage, you are in control of all aspects of the reloading process. My saying, "8 months of shooting season, is followed by 4 months of reloading season".


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        I started with the Herter's. Next was the RCBS Jr and currently the RCBS Sr.

        Garand, I agree on the single stage press because I enjoy reloading more that way. You are 100% correct, I also enjoy controlling all aspects of reloading, to me it is fun.
        Once someone asked how accurate are the scales? I weighed a paper book match; then. lit it and reweighted it. They were astonished to see the difference.
        Yes, I accept all the new "stuff" is "more better," but I'm old school and enjoy doing it my way.
        It is cool meeting kindred souls.

        IMO, one of the stinkers of reloading is the .22 Hornet as lubing requires a "touch" to avoid denting the case. The Hornet is also an inexpensive round to shoot and IMO, a lot of fun to shoot..