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Cast lead bullets for WROL scenario

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  • Cast lead bullets for WROL scenario

    How can you put up a large quantity of handgun ammunition aside economically these days? During the late '80's & early '90's I was very into competing in IPSC, which meant I was a high volume reloader. I had to be if I wanted to compete in at least 15-20 matches a year. In those days virtually everyone reloaded using cast lead bullets. Competitors these days (2021) seem to have more discretionary income than we did 35 years ago, those that don't buy factory ammo reload with TMJ bullets and disposable brass seem to be the order of the day.

    I was surfing the internet this morning curious about current ammo prices. I found one supplier in Canada selling 1,000 rds of Wolf 124 grain 9mm for $496.00 (before shipping). Wow! I still reload 9mm using cast bullets. 1,000 124 grain 9mm bullets cost me $80.00, 1,000 primers recently cost me $65.00 and a pound of W231 costs $47.00. Grand total of $192.00. That is a considerable savings. In other than a WROL scenario cast lead bullets would be a gift to a lawyer prosecuting in a court of law. In a WROL situation handgun ammunition made with cast lead can still provide as good of performance, plus you would have twice the stock available. The chances of encountering a large number of people wearing vests is minimal in a WROL scenario, besides vests generally stop handgun bullets anyways.

    If you go further and get into casting yourself, bulk lead is still cheap and can be cast into many different calibers. Personally I would stick to cast pistol bullets for reloading and factory bullets for rifles. It is my experience that finding the right cast bullet/powder/rifle combination requires an unbelievable amount of perseverance.

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    Picked up some cast lead semi wadcutters some time back and I like them in .357 diameter.

    Also have picked up some cast lead bullets with gas checks in .357 magnum an also .41 magnum and like them for keeping down leading at higher velocities...

    LIke cast bullets in .45 ACP as well.

    Not an Ishmaelite.