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if you reload for an autorifle.

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  • if you reload for an autorifle.

    you're going to need a small-base sizing die, from RCBS. Without out, you'll have failures to chamber fully and those can be real nightmares. You'll also need to check the case length, since the looser chamber specs necessary in an auto "stretch" the brass more. If you dont trim the cases to length, then deburr the mouth both inside and out, you can't crimp the case into the bullet and if you dont crimp the bullet, you CAN get bullets setting back upon impact with the feed ramp. it's rare, but if you're hot-loading the ammo, it's a risk you dont want to take. To be able to crimp cases soft or hollowpoints, you need a canneluring tool. To seal the ammo vs moisture, lube and solvents, you need model airpline "dope' and a camel's hair paint brush. Run a line of the dope around the primer and the case mouth. This seals the rd very nicely. I favor AA 25-20 for max effort loads in short 223 barrels, but Winchester 748 works fine for practice ammo. Avoid H414, it's too dirty.

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    Actually, I am very satisfied using IMR 4895 when reloading 5.56, .308, & .30/06.


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      I don’t load hot rounds, I load accurate rounds. The hottest rarely are the most accurate.

      using a SB die is a must. A case checker is required. I check all my cases as I prep them, and trim as necessary.

      my workflow is:

      all brass goes in dump pouch at the range.
      when I get back from the range, it goes in the dirty brass bucket.
      eventually I will scoop a coffee cans worth and toss it in the cleaner
      then I’ll sort the brass into the clean buckets by caliber
      then eventually I’ll decide to prep a bunch of cases in some caliber
      ill grab a bunch, lube them with a mixture of lanolin and isopropyl alcohol (electronics grade)
      then I’ll size them and drop them in the case checker.
      within spec goes in a prepped ammo can
      out of spec goes into a prepped out of speck ammo can
      eventually I’ll decide I have enough to trim and they get trimmed and put into the prepped can
      after a while, I get the desire to prime the cases. I’ll sit down with a hand priming tool and prime them
      primmed cases go into a primed ammo can
      eventually I’ll decide to make finished rounds
      charges are weighed on a hornaday electric dispenser
      while I’m seating one round the powder is being thrown for the next one
      rounds go in a loaded round ammo can.

      these steps are done over the course of days, weeks, or months.

      I can load a surprising a mount of ammo this way, and it is relaxing, can stop at any step.
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        Quality reloads, provide quality reloads on the firing line.


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          Originally posted by Garand View Post
          Actually, I am very satisfied using IMR 4895 when reloading 5.56, .308, & .30/06.
          4895 is one of my favorites - right now it is hard to get, since Canada closed the border (more or less). Once it is available again, I guess I'll buy a few 8 pounders - I use enough of it to justify the cost.