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  • Noe 45 acp hp

    Cast up about 300 of these using the new NOE 230 gr. 45 ACP mold I picked up a while back. The mold came with the HP pins installed but it also has cup point as well as FN pins which I plan to cast up some bullet with later. Took about ten pours to get the mold heated up but once I got things going I dropped bullets for a couple hours. Probably a few in the batch that I will cull out. I measured a couple set from each pot of lead cast and they all measured .453 on the money an weight 220 grs. I'm shooting these out of my Hi Point 45 ACP carbine.

    After casting I powder coated some with my OD green PC I picked up locally.

    I cast up a bunch of the Cup Points as well and got them powder coated.

    A recovered bulet from another casting secession that show expansion.

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    Interesting the powder coating is still attached.
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      Originally posted by Sourdough View Post
      Interesting the powder coating is still attached.
      If the coating is cured properly 400 degrees for 20 min. on average it bonds to the lead and doesn't come off even in high velocity cast rifle loads. The powder coating is actually a replacement for the traditional forms of lube normally associated with cast lead bullet.


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        Tell us more about the powder coating process. Everything we wanted to know about powder coating and didn't know how to do it.
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