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    Back at Christmas I got a new to me 1933 Tula HEX receiver 91/30. The stock was in fairly bad shape finish wise but the bore is good and bluing just needed so minor touchups and bolt needed a good polishing. While I was at it I cork bedded the action and refinished the stock to a blonde finish instead of the red shellac finish.

    The Lee .312" 185 gr. RN. is what I plan on shooting in this Mosin rifle as it's a pretty close match to the Lyman 314299 but much cheaper. I'm casting this bullet from COWW's + 2% Tin and water quenched,final bullet dia. measured at .314". The end result is going to be to push these up clost to 2K fps. with some H4895 reduced loads in the end but for right now I'm going to use my old tried and true Alliant 2400 just to get some test done.

    Part of the Lee 185 gr. mould block,nice mould for the money.

    Powder coated Lee 185 gr. RN

    I was able to get out a few weeks ago an shoot some test loads in my Mosin I had reworked a couple months back and try out the new Lee .312" 185 gr. RN bullet I had cast up. The bullets were cast from Wheel Weights + about 2% Tin and quenched straight from the mold, powder coated and requenched.

    Cases were once fired PPU brass I got at the LGS they get from the local gun range. I full length resized the case this time around and trimmed them to proper length and resized the case neck using my NOE .312" expander plug. The throat is pretty deep on this rifle so I couldn't seat the bullet out as far as I wanted so I seated it half way on the middle driving band for this test load. I used 19.0 grs. of Alliant 2400 and Winchester LR primers.

    For this test I loaded up 25 rds. as I have installed a MOJO rear aperture sight on the rifle an the original factory post so I knew it would take a few rds. to get it on target an leave the rest to chrono and do some accuracy test. I set my target up at 50 yds. which is a far as I can shoot in the back yard range,below is the final one of two five shot groups from day’s shooting and I had another target with the shots in the orange square area once I made the final sight adjustment but was unable to retrieve it before the weather moved in. After firing those 25 rds. the bore was nice and shiny with only a few specks of burnt powder residue here and there. I'm pretty pleased with the initial results an will be trying a couple different loads in a few weeks as well as a couple more of the 2400 loads in larger increments as I have room to increase it.

    Still developing a good load for my 1933 HEX Tula Mosin 91/30, I'm shooting a 215 gr. .314" gas check bullet lubed with LARS 2500+ I had Tom over at Accurate Molds cut for me. I had two ladder test loads five rds. each with 33.0 and 34.0 grs. of H-4895. The 33.0 gr. load shot really well but the 34.0 gr. loads was excellent and I still have room to go, next outing I will load up some 35 & 36 gr. loads as well as some PC'ed version of the same loads and see how they compare. Once I settle on a load with good velocity and accuracy to match I put the loads through the chrono. The 34.0 gr. load is definitely a keeper regardless.

    Powder coated with Smokes clear.
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    You definitely have a winner there. Interesting to see what you will get a 100 yards and further out.
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      It looks like you have a new/used hunting rifle ready for deer season.


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        You definitely have a winner there. Interesting to see what you will get a 100 yards and further out.
        I think it will do fine out to 100 yds, can't really shoot that far around here anyway in most hunting situations as where I hunt it's pretty dense so 50 to 75 yds. is pretty much Max.

        It looks like you have a new/used hunting rifle ready for deer season.
        It's a good rifle that shoot really well as long as I do my part. I enjoyed refinishing and do some accuracy work on the rifle and at some point I might put a Russian POSP 4X or 6X scope and bent bolt on the rifle if I were to do anything like that at all.