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    Hi all
    My husband 18 months ago and at one time was a big reloader. I have a shed full of reloading stuff from presses to lots and lots of dies. Micrometers, case trimmers, powder scales etc. Many are for rifles/pistols that he eventually sold/traded over the years. Shot gun stuff as well. Being a prepper myself even I'm thinking I should hold onto this stuff if for nothing else bartering if/when things go bad.
    I helped him reload over the years but at this point I don't think I could do it myself. But I do have instructional books. And could reload I think if I had to. These things don't really have that much Monterey value as I see dies cheap on Ebay. Also I am still at the sentimental point that I cannot get rid of his stuff.
    Thoughts? Being a good prepper shouldn't I just hold onto this stuff.

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    Edit above +++ my husband died 18 months ago


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      Sorry about your loss!
      As far as the reloading supplies they will be a good barter item and an even better thing to have if you know how to use them so you can reload for yourself or even reload for others as a trade skill.
      You could also trade them currently with someone local for something you may need if you know of anyone interested.
      The dies themselves are not real high $ but the press itself depending on brand and model could be worth a bit.
      Good luck.


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        Thank you I appreciate your advice


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          Sorry to hear about your husband but it sounds like you are moving forward. You're right in that the reloading items don't have much monetary value and if you need the space, then let them go. But they are very useful and you might have a younger relative that suddenly gets the urge, and you can help them out. I will warn you though, my advice is tainted a bit........I'm a packrat at heart.
          Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum


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            Sorry for your loss.
            If you want to turn it into money e-mail me with a list.
            [email protected]
            I'm not at all sure I need a single thing but I won't mind considering.
            Bartering reloading supplies may not be fruitful.
            People might want guns and ammo but most won't want reloading supplies.
            Just my 2 cents.