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good starter reloading kit?

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    I started out with a Lee anniversary press and used RCBS dies in it. It still works great. The RCBS Rock Crusher is just as the name says strong enough to crush rocks. If you can afford the few extra bucks get the RCBS and it will last you the rest of your life. If you can't, get the Lee and use it with care and it will work fine. I have them both and love different things about them. Good luck and happy loading!
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      Ebay is another great location to find RCBS equipment at a discount price. Again RCBS's warranty is the best I have ever seen in any product. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. They will replace broken or damaged parts free of cost to the customer. You can also look on in your area reloading equipment does make it there some times. You can also call RCBS customer service and ask about seconds or returns, these are about half off. They do not offer dies as seconds.


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        try to get one that has the primer seating tool attached to the press. having to use a manual one on top of single stage die swaps, etc is just aggrivating and much slower. add a powder hopper and charging bar as you go and get more experience. once you dial in your powder charge you're good to go. i'd get a case tumbler also, you're dies will last much longer.


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          search craigslist for all your reloading needs you can find everything you need. I don't like the kits since you get things you won't really use. all you need is a press, dies, tumbler which you can get an harbor freight for cheap, media at a pet store-lizard bedding or walnut or pecan shells if you feel like crushing them up. if you don't have a tumbler you can use a pot, pasta drainer, hot water and some simple green. best if you deprime them first since they will dry better. go with an electric scale since it will save you time and money. I also req at least to manuals since one wont have all the loads you are looking for. I have the lee, lyman and hornady and want to also get the speer and nosler.


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            Well FIRST OF ALL, go to your local library and get Lee MODERN RELOADING 2nd ed (forget all the BS about how great Lee equipment is, so is EXCELLENT, the pot metal presses are TRASH!! I have tried all the Lee pot metal presses and they are junk! The dies are VG however. Lee customer [dis]service is worse then computers and electronics, so be warned!), Lyman #48 (old one) or #49 (new one), DBI METALLIC CARTRIDGE RELOADING #3 if they have it (EXCELLENT! Does not sell anything so tells what is good and what is crap). READ ALL THREE COVER TO COVER! They all use Lyman load data so that is the same, the WHAT, WHY, HOW is totally different in all three.

            NEXT, buy a GOOD single stage press. RCBS, Lyman, whatever (NO Lee pot metal presses! Did I mention they are trash? I should have), as you will ALWAYS use a good single stage press no matter what else you get.

            Dies: Dillon/Redding/Forster, you will NOT regret spending the money for them! Lee is pretty good and I have a lot of Lee dies, and a lot of RCBS dies too. I have not seen a great difference between RCBS/Lyman/Lee dies, but buy the others and you WILL see a difference!

            Shell holders: buy a variety pack (I like Lee, the cheapest) and then the specialty holders from Hornady, or RCBS, or who ever.

            Powder measures: The Lee dippers do a good job, the Lee PERFECT POWDER MEASURE is ...well I can't say what it is where children might see this post. SOME people claim they work fine. Some people say there is an Easter Bunny too. Pay your money and take your choice. Hey, you might get one that works great, then you had better hit the lotto before your luck changes too! Lots of good ones out there.

            Got to go to work, hope this helps.


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              I'll put it this way, I have reloaded a lot of ammo over 25 years. I started with a LEE and I still have that press today and it's still working fine. If you have the money then RCBS is a lot better and I now have a Dillon press I use. But a cheap way to start is with a Lee. But it's up to you and how much you want to put in to it. I just got me a Lee load all for 12 ga. So far I've loaded 200 rds and it's working great.
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                Well I hate to disagree with people, especially mods, but my experience is different than Coxmw's. Go to most other reloading/handloading sites and look what they have to say as well. Sure some sites will ban any one for telling the truth about Lee, but Lee pot metal presses are not well thought of by most people who actually use their presses, but everyone can have a different experience. Depending on how much they use it, what they use it for, etc., light weight, low quality presses might be acceptable to them. They aren't for me. While I have not been on the Lee site for a while, they used to have a reply section where you could reply about the presses, etc. All the sites EXCEPT the LM site were full of "oh it is soooo wonderful" and such such hooey, but the LM section was "closed due to people telling the truth about the LM". That may not be an exact quote, but that was what they meant.

                The problem with buying junk anything, is you spend the money buying it, then you are out the money you spent and have to buy another item to replace the junk item. I bought a cheapo tire iron for my car. The first time I used it (that afternoon) I twisted it into a pretzel. It had a "life time warranty", so I took it back and got another one, which I twisted into a cork screw. Took it back. Twisted the next one up like it was made of wet paper and took it back. This time the nice lady said "When my husband wants tools, he goes to Sears. Here is your money back." Sure I was "only" out time, gas, energy, and the like and not stranded on the side of the road, but the item was basically worthless. I am sure there are people who will tell you the same make/model and brand of tire iron they bought was great, and who knows, they might be telling you the truth, I have no idea, but in MY experience, the Lee pot metal presses (and I have owned or used them all) and that brand of tire iron are junk. In MY experience, Lee customer (dis)service has been worthless, although to be fair, I have had some small items replaced when it was so totally obvious that the item was so screwed up at the factory it was trash. I saw in the paper a while back about a guy that won the Lottery five times. Some people get lucky, and I am happy for them, but for the vast majority of people, playing the lottery or buying Lee pot metal presses in not a way to get ahead. YMMV.

                I have been loading ammo for 40 some years and spending the money for QUALITY has never been money I regretted spending. Quality is remembered LONG after cost is forgotten.