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good starter reloading kit?

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  • good starter reloading kit?

    im trying to get into reloading my own ammo i just caint decide on a reloading kit to go with im leaning toward a rcbs but i want to get one that fits my needs i have the following cal. 40sw,500sw,45acp,357mag,30-06,and 7.65x53 what would you recomend me looking into:confused: any info will be greatly appreciated
    ill keep my guns money and freedom they can keep the change

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    I'd be interested in reading what a down and dirty, bargain basement, no frills set up for 9mm would be? Costs, approx?
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      For under $75 you can get the Lee Anniversary kit....everything but the die sets.


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        just my .02

        Lee is the way to go, I started with Lee years ago and have given many to friends to get them started. There is always ways to move up but something basic and does the job......get Lee and enjoy
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          I hate to disagree with Iceman, The Lee Precision presses are very cheaply made and dont hold up very well. They are inexpensive, and they are useable, but you will enjoy the task much more with better equipment.
          Ive been handloading for over 25 years! RCBS presses and tools are my favorite, they are built to last a lifetime and are warranted for life. I have a singlestage "Rock Chucker" press I bought 25 years ago, it still works as good as the day I bought it. I have a "PRO 2000" progressive press I bought in 2000, it has had one problem in many thousands of rounds loaded, which RCBS promptly shipped me the repair part at no charge. I have friends that initally bought the Lees stuff because of the cheap price and finally replaced them after many failures (that they had to pay to fix). Has about the best prices Ive found on reloading gear. As for as getting started, they sell a "Rocker Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit" for $279.00 it includes the press, powder scale, powder measure, primer seating tool, and small handtools ect. While this is not "everything you ever need" (case cleaning tumbler , dies for your specific caliber) it is a great kit to get you started.(even an instruction book!)
          Hand-loading is a science not just a process, its also a wonderful hobby and I recommend it highly!


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            I agree there is better then Lee....but they are a start without a lot of money .....i own RCBS as well, but I started on a Lee

            Just my .02
            Go ahead and run, you'll only die tired


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              WOW, be ready to wait at least 8 weeks or more to get it in. I've been waiting since December for my Lee 50th anniv. kit. Everyone seeems to be on backorder right now.


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                thanks alot guy ive decided to go with rcbs morguns1cam sold me on it now comes the fun part
                ill keep my guns money and freedom they can keep the change


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                  I agree with the RCBS :) Good stuff. I prefer the carbide dies myself.

                  I have been wanting to try the LEE dies for awhile...


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                    I bought a Lee progressive once. It was garbage. Returned it and bought a Dillon Square Deal B. It is great. Reload equipment is like tatoos. Good ones are not cheap. Cheap ones are not good.
                    Those who would trade freedom for security will end up with neither.


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                      I'm glad to see this discussed , I'm looking to get started reloading myself. Does anyone have any opinions on Lyman equipment ?
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                        Lyman makes good middle of the road gear. They make top of the line bullet moulds.
                        Those who would trade freedom for security will end up with neither.


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                          I like the Lee Hand press, as a young Troop I was shown the use of of the Lee Hand Press as a snipers best friend, it allows you to recycle your lot#'d brass, use your bullets and continue to stay on the move. I have a nice Dillon set up but that is bolted to a huge work table, if I ever have to go to ground, the Lee with the dies fits right in my drag bag and I'm out the door. I'm not a sniper and I enjoy shooting, this website offers good insight into where my thinking needs to be or to validate whay I already know. Just sharing my thoughts on the Lee.


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                            I have used RCBS for about 20 years. They have the best, no questions asked, warranty replacement on parts. I would search, ebay, , or call RCBS and ask what seconds are available. RCBS sells seconds at about half of the MSRP value on everything except die sets. Look for the RC, Rock Crusher press. It is solidly built and will last for years. Be careful on ebay about prices on die sets. Bass Pro sells the rifle die sets new for about $30 new, pistol die sets are about $45.

                            gunbroker is good for brass and bullets, also just search the web for more options.


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                              Most of my friends who are into shooting reload, but until recently I never got into it. A couple years back I did a radio install in a friend's truck in trade for an RCBS. So far I've been very happy with it.

                              Lyman is the name to go with if you decide to start casting your own bullets.