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    Greyhawk50 gave good advise. I also have Imperial sizing die wax and I like it but I found another lube that is much cheaper and works as well.

    Grease Automotive and Artillery GAA is a synthetic military grease you can get at surplus places and even ebay.

    Grease Aircraft Wide Temperature Range WTR is also a synthetic military grease from same sources.

    Both are light tan and wipe off your hands with paper towel. I apply it with fingers the same way I use Imperial. I have bought 8 lb cans of it for 6.00 and if you are reloading I figure that should last you about 120 years.

    On the bottle neck dies I have about 65 sets and I have had found about 15 of them did not size enough to bump back the shoulders. The fix is to get someone with a lathe to remove about .010" from the bottom of the dies. I have dies from about six manufacturers and the condition is not restricted to one manufacturer.

    The secret to long brass life is don't overwork your brass as the more you move it resizing the shorter the life of the case.
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      I have reloaded for over 40 years and loaded up just about everything under the sun. RCBS has been my main stay with some specialty dies from Hornady and Redding Personally Lee I stay away from due to past issues with dies and powder scales. All in all they all make quality tools but RCBS has been the one that what ever you need/want is pretty much available every where.


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        I have an RCBS RC VI and a DILLON PRECISION 550;. I got my RCBS new and the Dillon used, both are used for separate applications. I use a Frankford Arsenal stainless steel tumbler wet bath , deprime, retumble. Then start from there. pistol and high volume rounds (.223 .308) get to go to the Dillon, assorted rifle get loaded on my RCBS.


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          I am reloading REM 223 and have a question regarding 414 powder. There is not any loading data for H414 using 55 grain 223. I have used 414 in loading 6.5 Swedish and have some left over. What's your thoughts on using H414. Safe if loading light charges or stay away from it??


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            Sorry Defcon, my mom had a stroke so we've (family) have been dealin with that. I'l look for tomorrow .


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              Originally posted by Armyjimbo View Post
              Sorry Defcon, my mom had a stroke so we've (family) have been dealin with that. I'l look for tomorrow .
              No worries Army. Been there with my father many years ago. I wish you all the best.

              I went ahead and bought H335 but if you do run into data using 414 I'd like to look at it.



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                All my empirical data GOOGLE says its to slow to work with 55 gr , lowest weight is 63 . Even then it's a lower velocity round. I'm using a DA 8208 a cdn made version of XBR 8208 in both .223 and 6.5 grendel . I just got 5 lb at under 180 cdn which is about the cost of 3 ind #'s.