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Hi-Point Handguns

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  • I had a man go through a CCW course with one a couple of weeks ago. The pistol was the 9 mm version. The pistol would work on slow fire only. If he tried to do double taps, it would jam on him. We couldn't figure it out. Slow fire was okay. He completed the course with no trouble. The nice thing is that Hi-Point backs up their product with a real warranty. So the man will ship it back to Hi-Point and they'll probably fix it for him and get it back to him.

    Oh, and the dis-assembly instructions start off with, "Take a hammer and punch out..." We decided NOT to disassemble that Hi-Point pistol if the instructions called for using a hammer right off. So you are forewarned about the Hi-Point dis-assembly procedure. Go look for it on YouTube and see what I mean.


    • I have heard mostly negative comments about their handguns from cheap to not a well working gun. I do however have a strong opinion about their Carbines..They are big, ugly and heavy. HOWEVER I own the .40 S &W and have put more than a 1000 rounds through it without a single complaint. Very accurate, easy to use and clean. Their Customer Service is OUTSTANDING.They have a LIFETIME Warranty. I had a misfire caused by wet powder or old ammo, not one of my reloads. The bullet stuck about 6 inches up the barrel. To avoid damage I called them and was told ship them the weapon. They replaced the barrel,,replaced a worn trigger spring I wasn't aware of and returned it FREE of Charge within 10 days.


      • Same here with the negative comments. One is a "brick with a trigger."

        At a range, one of the group showed up with a 9mm Highpoint. As this was back when ammo was inexpensive, everyone contributed a couple of rounds of different brands and types of ammo. It ate all comers without a single malfunction meaning F2F or jam.
        As I don't own one, nor do I plan on buying one; I don't have a "dog in this debate" about HighPoint.


        • I've never fired a Hi-point pistol.I have heard and have just read bad opinions but I'll just say. I'VE had a Sig blow in my hand. I'v e heard of Glocks doing the same I OWN 2 Glocks, the 40 S&W and the 10mm. Love them both. I do KNOW about Hi-Point PCC's. I have the .40S&W.They are big, heavy and ugly and I LOVE MINE. I've put over 1.000 rounds through it without a single glitch. In addition their customer service is EXCELLENT. I had an entire card of bad primers that misfired in everything. A bullet became stuck about 5 inches up the barrel of the carbine. Rather than risk damaging the barrel I called them and they had me send it in. LIFETIME WARRANTY BTW. They replaced the barrel along with a spring and a worn safety catch I wasn't aware of and returned it within 10 days ALL free of charge.