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    Nikon 2x9x40 is just and excellent all around value in optics. I'd recommend it more if I didn't have trouble typing from the whiskey.

    Nothing wrong with nikon optics in the least.

    Drop an A-bomb on a country and they make you some good stuff.

    I like my nikon optics, my honda accord works good too
    My weapon can kill, it isn't limited to mere assault


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      Originally posted by Big_Saw View Post

      Glocks have an internal most other pistols with the internal striker mechanism, it has a little nub which blocks the striker shaft from reaching the forward firing position unless the trigger is fully pulled. It's main purpose is to prevent discharge when the weapon receives a severe knock or is dropped.

      Glock pistols have 3 safeties; trigger safety, drop safety, and a striker (firing pin) safety.
      They are designed to not fire unless you pull the trigger. The safeties work in an order..pulling the trigger disengages the trigger safety, which moves the trigger bar, and disengages the striker safety, and then at the end of the trigger pull, it disengages the drop safety, letting the gun fire. but, all three have to be disengaged before the gun will fire.
      so, its more of a "safety-of-sorts". it is one of, if not THE most safe pistol on the market