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    Handguns are supplemental firearms on the plains, ditto for shotguns. Most of my shooting is at distances much greater than those experienced "back east".
    Walking out in fair weather is realistic. More reasonable is finding a waterway that leads in the direction you intend and float/raft/kayak or canoe that-a-way.
    Streams freeze up for much of the year here, water travel is impossible. Land travel is questionable, and dangerous, with ice & snow, whiteouts & blizzards.
    If a SHTF event occurred here in the winter I'd attempt to hunker down and forget mobilizing. I've started many vehicular journeys in the winter that didn't pan out, and resulted in tucking tail and going back. It would have been an odyssey had I been afoot.
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      thank you. I have no ability to drive (yet) So as you can imagine, I have done a lot of walking. However, I have never carried more than a small daypack. I have rarely been anyplace that I could not just buy a bottle of water if I wished. I think that if I had far to travel, I would not walk with a heavy pack. :-)


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        Cebu is not to bad of a place to survive. The east coast of Mindanao has some really good places where you can get away from Cities. When I was there, we ran from Muslim terrorists though. I don't know if they still run around your country.

        There are two islands that I would suggest - Saint Paul Island and Saint Peter Island - they are small, about a mile away from the mainland and sparely populated. Good Ocean food source as well as plants that are native to your area.

        If you lived in Manila, I would recommend you getting out now.

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          I have asked my friend about this "357" thing. He says that in a gun fight, 20meters is a distance at which nearly every misses a man, often, with a handgun. He says that multiple attackers are likely, they will probably have rifles, and if all I have is a pistol, it will not matter if I am having a Magnum, nor how skilled I am with it. Is this correct?


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            Colt Series '70 in .45acp, with a Kimber .22 LR conversion kit.


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              I've got one drop leg set up for an M9, and one set up for a 1911, I need to get one set up for my VP-9, as that would more than likely be my choice. if I had to grab what is currently setup, it'd be the M9, since everything is currently set up around that, and a Ruger Mark III pistol.


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                Since I made my initial post almost a year ago, I would also include a S&W M37 as a sleeping bag gun.


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                  I lean towards the CZ PO-1 Omega. It's called trigger love. LOL


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                    Since Garand mentioned it I went back to find my original post. OMG!! I can't believe it has been 10 years almost to the day!! Where has the time gone? My choice has not changed. If I could only take one it would still be my Ruger GP 100 with 357 magnum and 38 special ammo. Since some are taking more than one gun I would include a 22 revolver for taking small game or fowl.
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                      Originally posted by Garand View Post

                      Colt Series '70 in .45acp, with a Kimber .22 LR conversion kit.
                      I do the same thing with my G LOCK G22 40S&W and a .22lr Tactical Advantage conversion kit. It was a lot of aggravation
                      getting it broken in, but once done I'm feeling better about it.


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                        I've noticed on a lot of survival/prepper sites; the absolute best firearm is the one they own. There is nothing wrong with confidence; however, other people have the same confidence.