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  • Cz52

    HAH! first to post on the sub-forum! well, i attained a CZ52 this weekend, neat little firearm, i'll post pics later when i get home.
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      sorry it took so long, anyone care to guess how much recoil the 7.62x25 has?

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        Nice little gun. What is the recoil like?
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          im not really sure, I havnt had a chance to test it out yeat. I do know that the 86gr projectile is moving between 1400-1600FPS. Should be fun. They make a 9mm conversion barrel, im thinking about buying one and putting up for when the cheap surplus ammo dries up.
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            I was thinking about this gun a few days ago. 7.62Tok is a good round, some say it will interchange with 7.62 Mauser. Chech 7.62x25 ammo was loaded almost 20% hotter than Soviet stuff so the M-52 should be well built. Lighter loadings might cause jamming during ejection.
            7.62Tok is still well priced, I forget what Sportsmans Guide sells it for but I think it is about 10 cents a round. If you can find extra magazines and parts, buy em! Now if you could just find a Chech M-25 to go with it!
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              Here is a magazine for $20.00. Decent price I suppose.


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                Recoil isn't bad at all, but make sure that no one is standing too close to you at the range. The report and fireball will have the whole line looking down your way, its very impressive!

                I'll get a pic up of mine if I can find it. A member on an AK board I belong makes custom CZ-52 grips in any color combination that you like.


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                  Ronald, you may want to go ahead and order a new hardened firing pin. Although you may be fine the original pins are brittle and prone to breakage, after market hardened firing pins can be ordered and run only about five or ten bucks.

                  Here's mine with a cold blue refinish job and black with commie red swirl grips.
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                    I've got one. Recoil and report are fairly sharp. Mine isn't that accurate.I've already done the firing pin swap, and kept the old one just in case. The trigger is the worst part on my pistol. But it is what it is.


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                      I have had a CZ 52 for some time and thought I would throw out a warning.
                      There is some ammo out there for caliber of gun that isn't for the pistol, it is for the sub-machine gun.
                      It is paper wrapped and does not have the bairden?? primer in it, please do not use!!
                      I bought some of it and used it in my gun thinking I was getting a good deal on surplus, and wow did I get a shock I was was louder and kicked real hard for the guns size, then I came home and looked it up and found out the story behind it. It has blown the pistols apart.
                      I stick to the new ammo now and leave the surplus alone unless it has the right primer in it.

                      I do love shooting this pistol at the range, it always turns head and cut the target up real well.

                      this website has parts and such for them.