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Do you keep any mags...other than factory...for your handguns?

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  • Do you keep any mags...other than factory...for your handguns?

    My EDC is a Glock 17....I keep one factory in it....and one in the pocket or pouch.....but in the car I keep some Glock 18, 33 rd mags.

    In my Springfield Operator....I use Wilson 8rd mags.

    I use a bunch of different types of mags for my M9.

    Only factory for Hk USP Tactical 45, Ruger MkIIs, and FN 5.7.

    What are the oddities for you hand guns?
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    For the Taurus I just got it has 1 10rd and 1 12 rd, Ruger P85 I have 2 factory 15 rd and 2 32 rd. My 1911 I think I have 5 8 rd mags for it.
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      The pt 945 doesn't like anything but factory mags


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        i run OEM in my glocks, taurii, and buckmark. I run GI's, a couple of Wilsons, and a couple of original prancing horses in my 1911.


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          Any Colt 1911A1 with a "M" on the floor plate is made by Metalform. I also have Wilson Combat, Les Baer & Novak magazines that all seem to work. I use Mec-gar 15 round magazines for my Browning hi-power.

          Below is the link for Metalform.


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            I use Mec Gar magazines.. all the Sig Sauer magazines are mostly Mec Gars anyway, and you can save a couple bucks just cause it doesnt say Sig Sauer on it :)
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              Does anyone rotate loaded mags with empty mags to relieve the tension on the spring. Or just leave them loaded all the time? I have a couple of mags with target rounds (CCI Blazer $9.95 a box of 50) that get emptied pretty regular. The good rounds stay in all the time.


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                My 1911 uses a whole range of military Mags but I prefer Chip McCormick but i tend to stick with factory with most of my other handguns besides the M-9 it feeds and works with anything it is not finicky in the least


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                  All factory for the pistols. 8 7-round for the Beretta Tomcat .32ACP, 1 9-round & 2 10-round for the Glock 30SF .45 ACP, and 16 13-round for the Glock 21SF .45 ACP (the 13-round also work in the Glock 30F)

                  Half loaded, half in reserve. Only rotate them when I shoot. Don't get to shoot as much as I'd like.
                  Jerry D Young