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Bersa Thunder .380 trigger problem. HELP!

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  • Bersa Thunder .380 trigger problem. HELP!

    I recently purchased, new, a Bersa Thunder .380, the one with the 15rd. clip. Got a shoulder holster rig and a couple spare clips, too, figuring I'd be all set, as I have a small physical frame and can't conceal my .45 very well. Anyway. went out to shoot it for the first time the other day. I had to pull WAY back on the trigger before it would fire. This, after already cocking back the slide. Every shot, I either had to use the tip of my finger, and squeeze very hard, or really crunch my whole finger to get the trigger far enough back to fire. This is useless to me. I want to squeeze and BANG! Now my hand shakes while I am trying to get the trigger back far enough to fire. Is this the way this gun normally should work, new...maybe designed for some fat-fingered redneck with a 200lb squeeze? Should I send it back as defective. or is this something a gunsmith could fix? I sure can't rely on it for self defense the way it is.

    P.S., it's a real bitch to get the slide back in place after I disassemble it to clean it. The end of the spring jams up at the muzzle end of the slide and won't let the barrel through without a lot of wiggling around.
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    Bersa Thunder .380s are notorious for their long/somewhat heavy trigger pulls.

    As far as the problems you are describing it sounds like you may have a problem with a broken or improperly manufactured/installed disconnector spring. Were you experiencing this problem before you took it apart for cleaning? Is the trigger bar on the side of the frame properly seated? Install EMPTY MAGAZINE in firearm, tilt firearm sideways 90 degrees (Gangsta Style). Is it easier to pull trigger that way? If it is it may be a broken/damaged disconnecter spring.

    Is the trigger and hammer mechanism properly lubnricated?

    Many of the Bersa's incorporate trigger locks, is the trigger lock partially engaged?

    As far as reinstalling the slide: Make sure that the slide return spring is not install backwards. One end of the spring is actually smaller than the other. If the slide spring goes in easily it's the wrong side of the spring. The tighter side of the spring should go into the barrel. Make sure the take-down lever is fully rotated 90 degrees while seating slide back on. Back end of slide should be tilted about 30 degrees as you pull it back to lock down prior to installion.

    When I was managing a gun store we had a brand new Bersa that had to be sent the authorize repair center for work for a trigger problem. It was repaired free of charge. Had to pay for the shipping to service center only. There are instructions in your manual on how to do this. You will probably need to use an FFL dealer. For the price and type of firearm, they are a decent bargain. It's not unheard of with Bersa's to have a problem now and then with a newly purchased Bersa. Majority of them function quite well and reliably over the service life of the firearm. Good Luck.


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      well twin cougar it must be made for a fat fingered 315 pound redneck because i own one as well i know being from washington yall dont have much diversity other than big foot that's what we call a jokeanyway could have and would have helped you but instead maybe you should work your WEAK FRAIL body some or do some research on your purchases first. there is an old saying think before you speak because your attitude just got a many a doors closed in your face
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        Now prkchp.... We all know that this country was built by the sweat and muscle of the fat fingered redneck, without whom, we would all still be British subjects wishing we had a wig in parlament. I'm pretty sure that twin cougars was in no way trying to insult our favoriite 315 pound swamp dweller... Now go outside and kick a gator, bench press your truck, or shoot something to make yourself feel better.:D:D:D
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          hey i put a apologetic post on here to the cougar i hope it was'nt removed all ready and once again i'm sorry little fellar you might want to get the bersas internal parts polished and you should be able to have the trigger adjusted as well
          the pack that plays together stays together