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Jimenez Arms?

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  • Jimenez Arms?

    Ok so I saw a couple of these Jimenez Arms at a gun show recently. They were selling 380 and 9mm for about $150. Since they're in the same range as Hi-Point, how do they compare? Seen a lot of mixed reviews online :confused:

    I'm thinking about a cheap trunk gun. Considering Hi-Point, Makarov, Tokarev, or a used 38. I figure a decent revolver would be most reliable, but I have more experience with Autos. Taking all thoughts!

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    Jimenez Arms is the newest incarnation of the company named Jennings and then Bryco. Zinc alloy hand guns, which I would not trust my life on to go bang every time I pulled the trigger.
    Supposedly Paul Jimenez former plant manager from Bryco Arms who bought the molds and such said he was going to correct the mistakes that the prior companys made.
    But in all honesty junk is still junk no matter what the name on the side is.

    Hi-Point I know many people will say that they never had problems with them but I think it is only about 60% of Hi-Point's product is good even with the lifetime warrenty.

    Makarov & Tokarev have been around for quite awhile and while ammo is a little harder to come buy, but the weapons are quite a bit more dependable.

    As for revolvers there have been many foreign (Germany & Spain) made ones which are not always dependable even though the revolver is a true basic original design.

    Whatever you buy, try to atleast put 250+ down the pipe to make sure how it performs before you really trust you life on it.


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      Great advice! I'm gonna skip the Jimenez. After handling one it just seemed like a one-crime throw away. No Thanks.

      I always think about getting a Hi-Point but they seem kinda hit-or-miss. People either love em or hate em.

      Think I'll search the pawn shops for a used revolver from S&W, Ruger, or Taurus. But maybe get a Makarov if I can't find any.


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        For me, my personal favorite is my Taurus tracker 357 with the 6" pipe. Not a good concealed carry but after about 750+ rounds through it and its twin never had an issue, even with my own shoddy reloads. With the magna ported barrel they both shoot like low powered .38's its just the crack of the .357 that's hell but they are fun. I paid 300 for my last one with a Nikon scope (that came off as soon as it got home) at the last gun show, so they aren't too expensive.
        For my concealed I carry my model 22 glock, ugly gun but also very dependable.



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          One of my unerlings @ work purchased a jimenez arms 9mm a few monthes back at a gun show in charlotte ( his first show BTW he was like a kid in a candy store but anyway....). We fired 2-3 magazines from it and noticed the loaded chamber indicator was poking out of the top of the frame rather oddly. My friend kept having to press the thing back down into the slide, but eventually just took the spring holding it up out of the weapon itself. It still functions but if the weapon is rotated on its side of upside-down the indicator will fall out. I try to look at firearms the same way as i do tattoos.....Good ones arent cheap and cheap ones arent good. Im not trying to be a snob but really you get what you pay for.
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