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Crazy looking handgun: what is it?

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  • Crazy looking handgun: what is it?

    What is this thing? It is in the Cakalaca Raw section, but no one has answered the question as to what it is.
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    Looks like a tazzer


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      Looks like some Hollywood BS from crappy Sci-Fi


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        Looks like it is accompanied by .223 ammo.


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          geeeez i have know idea quit with the scifi crap go by a berretta and be happy jk
          the pack that plays together stays together


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            No, I dont think that I want one of these, but the curiousity is getting to me. I think that a small magazine with maybe 5 rounds in it is a negative factor and about a 5" barrel would not be a good fit for that big of a round. I dont want this but think its cool looking. Now the gun that I would like to have that is different is a Kel Tech PLR16. That is pretty neat and looks to be usefull.


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              Well I would agree the PLR16 is mega-cool. :D But it's like the AK pistols, I just can't imagine any real practical use for it. What were you're ideas? R u thinking defense, hunting, etc? It would be awesome at the range though, that's for sure.


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                is that the gun from Judge Dredd?
                Acta non verba


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                  I have 3 ak pistols. they fit great in a motorcycle saddlebag