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1911 22lr conversions

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  • 1911 22lr conversions

    Has anybody used one of the 22lr conversions such as ceiner,Kimber,etc how well do they funtion? and is it worth the 200.00 to 490.00 for the conversion? Thank you in advance any and all information is appes.

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    Kimber 22 Conversion +1 Billion!

    I use the Kimber offering. It is a superb unit. Reliable and easy to maintain. You'll want to use a bit of oil on it it keep the dirt in suspension as some 22 ammo is disgusting when fired. Carbon, unburnt power etc etc.

    I just did 525 rounds out of the Para Ord/Kimber top end the other day. No issues.

    Andy Langlois


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      I have one of the Kimber Conversions. It doesn't like Federal or Winchester 525 round bulk packs. It is happy with CCI Blazer and Federal Auto Match. My only complaint is that the rear sight base screw came loose after 1000s of rounds. I think it is great training aid and pays for itself very quickly if you are a serious shooter.