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bersa thunder .380

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  • bersa thunder .380

    i am getting a bersa thunder .380 from my brother in the morning
    wondering if this is a good gun

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    Excellent gun.... I love it. Just like a PPK. I used it to qualify at my Conceal Carry Class last weekend. Have used hydro shock rnds. Copper coated FMJ, Lead roundnose and HollowPoint, Not a single loading problem. I intent to carry this as my regular concealed weapon. I'll carry my 45 openly in a hip holster when the time comes. The gun and I placed all 20 required shots in the 5-6 inch center chest area. I am by no means a accomplished pistol shot either. Rifle is a different story.


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      Very good, in my opine. Slim, trim & fits my average sized hand very well. Just sold it a few months ago after several years of content ownership, and honestly my wife & i still kinda miss it. The trigger pull is way better than the older Walthers PPK/S & half the cost. A lot of gun for the money = great value so you shouldn't regret it.


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        I have experience with both the .380 and .22 versions of this fine pistol. I gove them an unequivocal thumbs up, especially given their cost.


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          If you use the wrong ammo they will jam.


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            I have had mine for a couple of years now. It is a great pistol for the money, fits my large hand well and fits in my front pocket nicely. It is my primary CC weapon and my wife can't tell when I am carrying. I doubt that I will ever get rid of mine.


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              I agree.
              Its a clone of the PPK and half the price. Some say they would take it over the Walther besides the price.
              There is a Bersa Forum. I haven't been there for a while but did have some good info.
              I got it for my wife. The only Con is the DeCocker is a bit stiff. Maybe I have a pic??

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