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NY state and CCW

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  • NY state and CCW

  • #2
    After the Supreme Court 6-3 ruling; the governor of NY immediately made the whole State a "special zone" and the video is the result..
    Yet, the NY governor and her armed protection go inside churches. What 2 faced bs is that?

    The mindset of the Left is if they ban all guns senseless violence would stop. Their happy little world would ban police and
    disarm the law abiding for so 3 guys will baseball bats safely invade homes.


    • #3
      I agree hypocritical or what?


      • #4
        That as it may be is one our politician's strengths. As my father used to say you know they are lying when their lips are moving.

        Hunter Biden left the Navy because he was a cocaine user. His discharge was administrative and not dishonorable. The average drug user gets a dishonorable..
        Hunter Biden's laptop is a wealth of "pay for influence" emails. He also lied on the ATF's form ATF Form 4473 about drug usage.

        As the "big guy" said no one Fs with a Biden.


        • #5
          Both NY and Kalifornia think they are leading the county and represent all 50 states by default. This torques my jaws...

          Yet over the years I have noticed that many who could were leaving those states and coming south or east...southern east..even to Texas

          Be Warned of these Ishmaelites trying to pass for leaders in freedom....

          My non Ishmaelite .02,


          • #6
            How could you deny MI, NJ and others they rightful place on the wall of shame.

            Even slow Joe believes his EO overrides the BOR.


            • #7
              Beware of tyranny, news from yesterday

              BREAKING: HANDGUNS OFFICIALLY BANNED IN CANADA... no law passed, just a tyrannical decision... - YouTube


              • #8
                Does Trudeau actually have the authority to arbitrarily ban pistols?

                As an American, I am clueless as to how far Trudeau's authority goes...


                • #9
                  Unfortunately he froze the importing of handguns about a month or so ago. Now like a presidential order Justine has made it illegal to sell or buy one. I unfortunately don't foresee the follow on government changing it. So we go down the tubes like Britain did, unless we get a substantial shift in our political system. Maybe a breakup of the country. F@ck the lieberals and their cr@p they are doing.


                  • #10
                    We are in almost the same spot. So, the average American needs to vote in the upcoming term elections like our way of life depends on it.
                    Because it does.


                    • #11
                      With all the public inquiries and Supreme Court challenges going on in Ottawa these days, very few if any put the Liberal government in a good light. If the NDP support that props up the government dissipates we could be looking at another federal election soon.


                      • #12
                        Our Supreme Court decided with us. Immediately, Governor Horchul of NY, rolled out gun free zones. According the polls, it is an expectedly a very tight race.
                        Her brother is retired from AT&T. Many years ago, he transferred to way upstate NY. Back when upstate NY was filled with hunters, shooters and today, it is really different. He'd like to get out; however, kids and grandchildren are there.

                        We voted today, paid property tax and renewed the tags.