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  • First Impressions

    Yesterday I took out my new Kimber Stainless Target II in .38 Super for the first time. I made up 25 middle of the road rds from the Speer Manual with 01) Red Dot, 02)2400, 03)W231 & Unique using a Cam Pro 147 grain FCP RNFP (CMJ) bullet. The goal was to find out which powder gave the tightest group at 15 yds, and function test the action to ensure the action held open after firing the last shot in the mag. First came Unique with 18 out of 25 rds win a 4" group and second was W231 with 14 rds in a 4" group. I've got to tweak those 2 loads before I come out with the best powder for use with this pistol. I've been shooting competitively since 1986 and this surprisingly the first time I have ever shot a .38 Super. I am impressed. Some time down the road when I have gotten the most accurate load I can find, I'll run it through my chrono.

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    Nice to see your happy with your "mad science" experiments!


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      The .38 Super is one of those calibers that after you shoot one; you wonder why didn't I get one years ago.

      Edit: I liked the mad science experiment.. :)