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bill drill is 7 yds, El president is 10 yds.

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  • bill drill is 7 yds, El president is 10 yds.

    bill drill is face the target draw and 6 hits on one chest. El Prez is a 180 degree pivot, draw from surrender position, double tap 3 targets (3 yds apart, edge to edge) swap mags, repeat, 12 rds total. Both are done with open wear rigs. For the Bill drill, 2.0 seconds is good, but top hands get it done in 1.5 seconds. For The El Presidente, 6 seconds is very good, but top hands do it in 4.0 seconds, by means of the trombone =-like Mag well "funnel" on the bottom of the pistol. All hits in the 10" chest circle. Typical cop needs well over 3 seconds for the Bill drill and the El pres, they need 9+ seconds. For the reaction, draw and hit, with a rig that's behind your hip, hands at sides, 7 yds, .70 second is very good and repeat hits at .14 second or less is exceptional. Most of the top hands, it's more like .90 second for the draw and hit, and .19 second average for each of the 5 repeat hits. The 4 traverses in the El Presidente slow down the repeat hits a few hundredths of a second, the reload runs about 1.5 second if you dont have the mag well funnel, and sub 1.0 second if you do have it. The pivot, draw and hit runs about 1.1 seconds for top guys, altho I've seen it done in sub .90 second. Putting all of this together is not easy. You'll normally either fumble some part of it, or get a 1-2 poor hits when trying to move really fast. Bill Wilson popularized the "billdrill". He got it from me and I got it from Thell Reed in the late 60s. Jeff Cooper came up with it El-presidente

    I dont consider these drills to be truly practical.. I"m more concerned with being able to get a ccw reaction, draw and hit on the chest at 10 ft, and then hit another such chest, 5 ft to one side of the first one, all in 1.0 second, by starting hand-in pocket. . THAT is fast enough to save you and you can learn almost all of it with airsoft.