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hand in pocket is the fastest ccw draw, by far

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  • hand in pocket is the fastest ccw draw, by far

    if youve got a kydex front pants pocket, the pocket is big enough, and the rig and pockets have matching velcro swatches. Then it's possible to "beat the drop' of a man holding a gun on you. This is ESPECIALLY true if hes EXPECTING to see your hand come out of your pocket, with SOMEHING in it. When told to "hand it over", do NOT draw fast, Save the speed (and the sidestep) for AFTER the gun clears your pocket. It's possible to react to the beep of a timer, draw and hit two separate chest circles, 10" in diameter, 5 ft apart at 10 ft of range in .95 second. .20 second of that is my reaction-time. So, if I start first, the first guy only has .50 second to recognize the threat, reverse the "dont fire" signal he's been sending to his hand and move his hand/gun over to my new position. Nobody's that fast. the second guy has .25 second after seeing his friend burned down .That will likely make him miss and I'll be taking another sidestep. If I'm wearing my armor, he has very little chance of winning.