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Unpopular calibers?

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    When one competes, cast bullets are a necessity.

    Have you tried the "lipstick" bullets? A bud gave me a bunch.

    Speaking of Mike Dillion:


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      If your referring to those 200 grain LSWC bullets for the .45 acp, yep I've been using them since the early '90's. They have functioned reliably in every .45 I have owned. During the '90's when I was still shooting IPSC I was buying a lot from Dillon, 9/11 changed that. Export regs from the US changed. The year my wife won the 550 at bingo we visited the Dillon Factory in Phoenix and spent a good chunk of change as we were allowed $800.00 duty free each because we had been down in the US for 3 weeks. We have no problem ordering most reloading equipment from the US but cartridge components are a no-no.


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        If the L means Lyman 452460; I'm familiar. Somewhere, I also have my father's I believe his is a 165g

        The WWII 1911-A1 are typically picky eaters and prefer HB. I have one will shoot a variety of JHP, but only if the first round fired is HB.

        Does Canada have VAT?
        As I worked in Detroit for a couple of years until their draconian firearms laws sent me running back South.
        Quite a few Canadians work in Detroit and according to them, one better completely remove the new tire stickers before crossing the bridge back to Canada.
        Another item, I learned was after Canada went hard metric and the size of doors, windows and even shingles are different that inch. That was 1990 to 1992


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          LOL when you said lipstick bullets I thought ou were talking about the 700 grain .45 caliber bullet designed for the 45/70. it maxs the cylinder capacity on the handguns that shoot it . It's a pretty hefty round when 10 bullets alone is 1 lb of lead.

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            We have a GST Tax (Gouge & Screw Tax),. we have a Carbon Tax (that taxes the air we breathe), its about time for a new tax though,


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              GST Tax (Gouge & Screw Tax) sounds like the usual judging by the source.

              In NC, they tried for flatulence tax on farm animals. Another one was add water meters on wells.