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    Originally posted by registror View Post
    well, Remington's new plant in AR is now on-line, ...
    Better late than never, I guess. Hope it does as well as you think it will.


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      it dont see how it can do anything but help. the question is how much it'll help and how soon. Remington certainly deserves our support for taking a chance on expanding an ammo plant under obama, which is when they started amping up production of .22lr ammo
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        This is interesting:

        In 2020, there was 39,695,315 NICS checks. From 1/1/21 to 7/31/2021, there was 25,125,896. Due to COVID, it is safe to assume those who manufacture ammunition were sheltering in place.

        With all the excitement in our streets, another safe assumption is a lot of people bought a firearm and ammunition. After the ammunition warehouses emptied and the demand continued, prices increased.
        The same scenario applies to lumber.
        A man bought a rifle and pistol at Academy Sports when he inquired about ammunition, he was informed their shipments arrive on Tuesday and Thursday and get there early. BTW, as he possessed a SC carry permit, a NICS check was not required.