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  • .22 tcm

    Anybody else have a .22 tcm rifle or pistol? I have both and shoot them regularly.It’s really a very good rd for crow hunting . The tcm in a pistol will defeat most body armor.

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    And it’s still in stock at a very good price


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      Dude.... You lost them in a boating accident..... remember? No one on here owns firearms.


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        Nobody is going to mess with a single shot. My .22 tcm are a ruger no.1 and a Thompson center,both single shots. I try to keep at least one box of fifty .22 tcm ammo. The dude that says he is the president elect is ok with a single shot,I think.


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          biden might be, but Harris and the other scumbags are not. they will take your muzzleloaders, your pellet gun, sword, machete, axe, spear, xbow bow, etc, they want you completely at the mercy of their uniformed thugs. They're going to get a war like they've never heard of if they mess with the autorifles on a federal level. A war where the heads of the snake are hunted down and cut off, where they live and work.


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            if you just want AP, you can get it with 9mm. Just spin 3/8" aluminum rod in a drill, clamped in a vice. Chalk a file's teeth heavily so the aluminum wont "pin" to the file. File the rod down to .356". and then polish it down to .355" with crocus cloth., sanding belt. as it spins in the drill. Then use a Dremel with a couple of heavy duty cut off wheels to shape the nose of the bullet. Cut the bullet off at the length of 90 gr hp, and hollowbase it. It'll weigh 50 grs and you can safely drive it well over 2000 fps in a 4" 9mm, if you've got a well-supported feed ramp and thick brass (ie, nato or Federal) Winchester brass is weak/thin. Section some cases with the Dremel. debur the cut and use a caliper to measure the case wall thickness at the web.. Only Alliant Bullseye powder will even cycle the slide with these lw bullets. YOu have to work up a safe loan, 1/2 gr at a time. I suggest that to do so, you melt the lead out of 115 or 124 gr ball bullets, replacing it with epoxy. When you see how much BE you need to get max velocity on the cronograph. Fire some Plus P Plus ammo of the same brass and mike them at the web. If you see ejector or extractor damage to the case rim, blackened, flowing or displaced primers, more of a bulged case than with the factory ammo, back off a grain of powder. Always work up loads without the mag in place, wearing HEAVY welder's gloves,, hug a tree to fire the gun, and dont have your face protruding. if the chronograph does not show a matching increase in velocity with an increase in the powder charge, bac off a grain of powder. that's your max load with those components in that gun. Do NOT work up a max load in cold weather with a cold gun, and then expect it to be safe in hot weather with a hot, rapidfired gun! Dont say that I never warned you!