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  • Glock 17 Gen 5

    Today I got my new Glock 17 5th Generation with night sights and laser pointer installed in the pistol. I also received CCI Blazer 500 rounds 9 mm ammo ( the same ammo Glock uses to test each pistol), and 2 holsters.

    Since this is the first new pistol in 20 years that I purchased I researched and tested various other autos including SIG 320,:S&W MP, CANTI 9 mm, and others. I found that the Glock 17 was the best at handleing, field striping and cleaning, and accuracy. I shot a lot of loads from subsonic to 164 gram rounds to 147 standard police rounds. Best was the 147 gram hollow point round. I still have my old Glock 20 in 10 mm. I have not had any problem with it for over 20 years. But finding ammo for it has been a struggle. 10 mm has been taken over by police departments so there is less for us.

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    PDs near me prefer 9mm in 124gr as it gives the best of both worlds.