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    I have owned both. I had a full size Loaded Springfield. It was a nice gun. I was given the full size RIA as a gift/project when I started gunsmithing school. When I would go shooting in the desert with classmates, the Springfield jammed, the other guys colts jammed, the RIA never did, and still hasn't. Using wilson combat mags and any ammo. The RIA is my daily carry gun. I had 3 at one time, until 2 were stolen, along with the wifes M4.
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      .45 Caliber Firearms.

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ID:	184682I own and have shot the Colt 1911A1 (My sidearm in the Marines), I now have a Colt 1911A1 and the Colt Commander as well as the Springfield 1911A1.

      The only difference I could tell is one was smaller, (Colt Commander) than the others. They all went, "BANG" when I pulled the trigger and the coroner said those paper targets were pronounced dead at the scene.

      Targets were all human silhouettes at 50-75 meters away. All but 20% were head-shots. I don't practice up close shots... Waste of time and ammo.

      The Taurus PT140 PRO in the 7 o'clock position in a .40 caliber and has an attitude problem whereas the trigger must be squeezed @ 90% before she'll let loose and most times tosses out (2) rounds VERY quickly, so, I keep that one around for any up-close issues I need to take care of.

      You want to realize that if you're going to shoot to kill, use a caliber that will kill and not just make you look cool like you're in the movies... That would be a 10mm, or .40 caliber hollow-point and above. Most anything lower caliber than that and you're wasting your time and endangering your life and the lives of those around you.

      Your gun battle won't be like anything you've seen on HBO, I guaran-damn-tee you.
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