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    Many years ago, I spent a long time in combat in Viet Nam. In those days I carried 2 guns and a knife just about everywhere I went. I usually had 1 sniper rifle, 1 pistol and a Buck knife for those close in social occasions should I need it.

    Lately with Anti-Fa and all those other Democrat hate groups running amok, I'm thinking about carrying 2 pistols of the same make and model along with a good knife. I've also given thought to carrying like a Glock 19, a Ruger compact 9 mm and a good knife of some kind again. Where I live there is no problem for me to carry 1, 2 or even 6 concealed pistols should I decide to do so.

    I am looking from you for suggestions just to see if you can improve upon my double the pleasure idea. The compact Ruger pistols or twin Glock 19's would probably both work should I decide to try this idea.

    This idea has been kicking around in my head for a while now. Suggestions are open...

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    Sierra: You might want to watch this, and see if it helps. I have always pocket carried a snubby (.38) as well as a 9mm or a 40. If you go out to the 8:50 mark there are some interesting points. I certainly agree with carrying two guns; and I think I would leave the house without my pants before I left without a knife.
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      Morgan you have a point - Here in Florida for about 10 months a year most people do not wear long pants or jeans. It's just too hot! so concealed carry becomes a waist carry with a short sleeve shirt outside the belt and covering your weapon. You can carry a folding blade with that other wise you will stick out to much.

      Else where you could wear shirt and pants/jeans you can carry on the belt , use a light weight windbreaker jacket to cover the carry, and a small holster on the ankle for the second weapon.

      Glock has many weapons in most calibers in Mini to normal size weapons. Many use the same ammo. .


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        What started this idea for me, brought it up, was a buddy of mine is packing 2 pistols in his concealed carry mode along with a very good lock blade knife. Normally his guns are 2 of the same kind and caliber and he also carries 2 spare magazines as well. Another buddy and I have been discussing this idea of carrying 2 pistols for the sake of being cautious and maybe keeping something like a shotgun or carbine in our vehicles as well.

        My point of contention is that we don't normally see a lot of violence in our area BUT there has been a slight up trend in random violence in some shopping areas and performed against lone victims in a kind of "target of opportunity" situation. The idea of concealed carry is nobody needs to know that you're carrying until you need to use your firearms any way.


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          Sierra 173, When I was working I always carried a Glock 19 for concealed carry with 2 spare mags. Since I retired and live in a very rural area (central WV) I have taken to carrying a Glock 43 and 2 spare mags. I seldom (maybe once a month) visit a city but anytime I travel away from my home area (25 miles radius), I take my 5.56mm NATO pistol (10.5 inch barrel) for backup in my GHB.

          If your looking for a quality sidearm other than Glock, have you considered a H&K USP or the H&K VP9? I'm saving for a VP9 because I like H&K's accuracy and quality and not sure if I want to save for a USP.

          When I travel out of state the G19 comes out along with the 5.56mm with the GHB for the trip. When I get the H&K, it will replace the G19 on those trips.



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            What I am looking for are general suggestions and ideas about what other people might be doing. I like your idea on the AR pistol and I already have an AR pistol with a brace on it. I've been thinking about an AK with a folding stock too. I've been thinking about a 20 gauge Remington pump shotgun with a folding stock BUT they don't have a whole lot of long distance reach to them which is why I'm thinking an AK rifle. So double the pistols and a good shoulder mounted firearm too would give me a good amount of firepower for my general area and most circumstances I might meet here.


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              this sort of bs is almost always posted by people who aint much good with ONE gun. :-) It takes a HELLUVA lot of dryfire, airsoft, .177 lead pellets, .22lr conversion unit and cast lead reloads in centerfire to be really good with a handgun. My standard of "good" is toss up a couple of soda cans, draw from concealment and hit both in midair. THAT sort of speed and accuracy is what you need in a gunfight with multiple gun armed attackers, or luck will be what saves you, not your skill.