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Rest in Peace.......DICK CASULL

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  • Rest in Peace.......DICK CASULL

    Good bye, Dick. You showed them what quality is.
    One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.

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    I handled one of his SuperBlackhawk Ruger conversions, in Salt lake city, 1973. A gun dealer kept it under the counter for defense. We'd barely met when he unloaded it, handed it to me and asked me what I thought of it! I could have robbed the store with HIS gun! :-) It had a 10" barrel and he said that when he fired the 200 gr, 2000 fps load, it would end up pointed straight up into the sky. his most interesting innovation, the 38 Casull, never went anywhere. it's a .38/45 bottleneck wildcat cartridge.

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