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Your alls thoughts on the Taurus 85 and 856 series revovlers (.38 Spcl +P)

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  • Your alls thoughts on the Taurus 85 and 856 series revovlers (.38 Spcl +P)

    Just wondering what you all thought about the Taurus 85 and 856 model revolvers. I've been thinking about getting on for carry, but not sure yet. Lets hear some thoughts!

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    I do not have an 85 but I do have a 605 which is the same gun just in .357,it is my everyday carry gun,I own several 1911's but prefer a revolver for carry because I know it is going to work if I ever need it


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      Havent heard anything bad i say you can doit
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        I don't own one now....haven't owned a Taurus in years and I hope they got better. about 15 years ago I got a matched set for the wife and I. Both of the sides came apart while shooting them the first day. Since them I have shot a couple of them....owned by friends. I still remember them coming I don't own any now.

        just my .02
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          Taurus makes quality firearms. they are very durable. I own a 357 revolver (7 shot 617 with 2" barrel) and their PT1911 (1911 that come stock with ambi safety and nice sights and shoots better than my colt did)

          The only comment I have for a concealed carry gun and Taurus is that generally for their size they are fairly heavy compared to S&W revolvers of the same size. i don't know about those models in general, but check the wieght and compare.

          Other than that I would recommend Taurus firearms.

          YMMV, I have personally had very few problem guns. I have been able to shoot satisfactorily many guns that other people have claimed jammed and didn't work right, but I keep a firm grip and use quality ammo. Even for training i usually use decent ammo, no aluminum cased ammo and very rarely any laquered steel, just don't like gumming up the works. (SKS and AK are the exception, when i owed commie weapons I shot anything and they worked fine)
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            No complaints with Taurus firearms, I own a 4"" .357 revolver which is basically a S&W copy, Ive fired thousands of rounds through the gun without a hic-up. The guns are also lifetime guaranteed! Ask any gunsmith if he "fixes" more Smiths or Taurus's, the guns are well built and reliable.