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.22 LR question

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    I've never bothered with a .22lr past 100yds and if i did I don't recall.

    One thing I've noticed over the years is that .22lr ammo has the overall Ballistic Coefficient of a rubber brick considering it's weight and profile.

    ​​​​​So use whatever standard to high velocity ammunition your particular rifle likes the best.
    My current long range .22 is a vintage Mossberg 144 bolt action. Using Aquila Interceptor solid point.
    Of course that's "unobtainium" currently.


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      My bragging shot with a .22 is at 75 yds on a steel 10" tall gopher with a .22 LR Kimber conversion kit fit on my Series '70 using CCI Stingers. Steel gopher shoots are a hoot!


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        The 22 RF's headspace is set by the thickness of the rim. SAAMI's specification for the .22 RF long rifle is on page 13 at the link below.

        Per SAAMI, t
        he rim thickness is .043" to .036" (1.09mm to .91mm)
        This is one of the reasons accuracy can vary by the ammunition manufacturer and the firearm manufacturer.