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    you can get a 70 gr, solid aluminum, hollowbased, hollowpointed, pre-segmented bullet to 2300 fps in a 4" barreled 10mm or .460 roland and it hits every bit as hard as a 70 gr softpoint in an M4 223 rifle. Which is to say, HARDER than 240 gr jhps from a 4" .44 mag, cause the full length segments (and the 223 softpoint) do not exit, wasting none of their 800 ft lbs. the 240 gr .44 DOES exit, wasting 1/3rd or more of its 750 ft lbs. Furthermore, the 1300 fps .44 load is not capable of generating temporary gas cavities that can actually damage vital organ tissue that the bullet never touched. The above loads CAN, and the pre segmented bullets do so in spades, cause their TGC's overlap as the bullet-segments diverge and penetrate. These lw bullets get going so fast that there's very little chamber pressure. Only Alliant bullseye can reliab ly cycle the slide with them, The recoil is less than that of .45 ACP ball ammo. Half a grain of black "flash powder" gets rid of the horrific flash. I use my left hand on my lef ear, fire right handed, and hunch my shoulder up to my right ear. If you dont, you;'ll be deaf for life. and you wont hit anything, either.
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