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    My last words about firearms at least for this week.

    It is a well know fact that in the USMC a pistol is used for only on purpose: To give you cover to get to your rifle. No more and no less. Give me a 870 or 500 shotgun any day over a pistol for close in work. At one time the Marines were issued the MP-5 for crew members of armor vehicles. That lasted 3 years... They now use the M-4!!!


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      Fackler said many times the only way to put someone down immediately was crush/sever the spinal cord or evacuate the cranial vault. He went to two autopies where hearts were removed with 12 gage guns at close range and both of them made it over 50 yards before they went down so the 5 second rule doesn't hold.

      Fackler said some people will go full bore upwards of three minutes especially if they are charged up on dope, taken a deep breath right before getting shot or are extremely mad.

      He told the police we lectured to that after a shooting remain behind cover, call for backup and don't approach shootee until the world arrives and use extreme caution when doing so.
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        Just read your original post. Lot's of good info, Thanks. I guess I fall back to my training on human targets (2 to the chest, 1 to the head) with whatever weapon is in my hand, be it a sidearm, SMG, shotgun or rifle. For hunting meat or fur I strictly go for head or neck shots. Can't run away if it's dead.

        What's that old military saying, (Never shoot a large caliber man with a small caliber round)

        Judge no one, until you have walked in the same mud and spilt the same blood. Him, I call brother.