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    I had a friend who pulled M2 Cal 30.06 and reseated them backwards and I was at the range when he brought them out to shoot them. He first shot a target with the correct and then shot another with them reversed and his second group was at least three times as large as the first.

    When I worked for the Army Small Cal Lab they ran a test at a indoor range that had 5" thick plate to deflect bullets that went into a room and kept bouncing off the walls until they got tired and fell on the floor.

    They set up a belt fed gun on a hard mount and started shooting. After awhile they noted something sounded different down range so on a break they walked down to the bullet stopping room and found out they had a 4" diameter hole through the 5" thick plate which was supposed to have been a specific number steel. The contractor got cute and figured plate was plate was plate and substituted a different plate he found much cheaper in a scrap yard. The contractor wound up replacing it which was pricey as they had to remove the roof of the range in order to get a crane to remove the old plate and install the new plate. It was hit with thousands of rounds of Cal 50 with no problem.
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      jeager you have the best stories. Reminds me of various things that happened in the Military and as a Deputy Sheriff. LOL Thanks.


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        Originally posted by RICHFL View Post
        I have two thoughts:

        1. A 1 oz sabot slug out of a 12 gauge shot gun will go thru an engine block at up to 100 yards. Did that to a 350 V8 chev engine.

        2. The first snipers used by the British were former grounds keepers from the royal forest and major lords estates. They used the first gillie suits made of netting and strips of colored cloth. They were the bounty hunters in England for illegal hunters.
        no, you didn't. not thru the block, of anything bigger than a 90cc motorcycle engine. . maybe thru the valves and valve cover. of a car motor. stop lying.