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Bullets, slugs and engine blocks

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  • Bullets, slugs and engine blocks

    7.62 x 51 AP or M993 or P80/1 will do the same as .30 CAL AP but not as far.

    Penetrating thin areas of an engine will not stop the vehicle or as the coolant leaks out, it will overheat. 30 CAL AP ammo from a rifle or belt feeder will penetrate the cylinder walls and will stop the vehicle. Aluminum engines are easier to stop than cast iron.

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    What about a steel 1 1/8 oz slug?


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      Do you mean these:

      They aren't recommended for a choked barrel.

      Edit: Another matter to consider. Due to surface area, a large diameter bullet does not penetrate as well as a small caliber bullet. The high velocity FN 5.7 x 25 is an excellent example.

      If I definitely needed to stop a vehicle, I'd concentrate on the driver. OTOH, that will not stop the vehicle. The only quick stop for a vehicle is penetrate or dent a cylinder. Firing steel shotgun rounds, I'd have to shoot an engine block before I'd bet my life on it working.
      Even with a 20 round semi auto, I'd rapidly fire a few rounds of AP to insure they did more than drain the coolant.

      I reload and a couple of years ago, I bought a couple of bags of 30 CAL AP bullets not loaded rounds. According to the ATF it is legal for me to do and possess. However, it is illegal to reload AP to sell or even giveaway unless one has a one of the SOT licenses.

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