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Good source for affordable training targets I was just made aware of.

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  • Good source for affordable training targets I was just made aware of.

    These folks specialize in MILSPEC targets and if you look at ITT6/2 here you will find a target that is very affordable and is a viable target at 300 yards and basically duplicates the same target (E Silhouette) use at 500/600 yards in Competition and is standard sniper training target to 1000 yards and beyond. I just found out this target was even in the system about two years ago and was thinking it was the target I saw Swiss Army personnel shooting at 300 Meters on TV.
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    Once my rifles are sighted in, my favorite target is an 8.5”x11 sheet of paper with a square of bright yellow duct tape on it. You can make the square whatever size you want.

    for long range, multiple sheets can be used.

    you can make boxes, crosses, T’s, dots, or anything you want.

    I also use the duct tape for archery targets. Slap a piece on a target bale and I’m good to go.

    carry a roll in the field. If you need to check your zero, slap a piece on a tree or log. You have a definitive aiming point.


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      If the rifle is accurate enough, I shoot the box to check the scope. Shooting the box checks the scope's adjustments.


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        I print my own practice targets.i have a CD with different types of Target's on it.but then again.i can simply go into the woods and choose a tree Branch or something else laying on the ground.
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            That is neat!

            I showed it to the wife and she said I prefer Tannerite. LOL