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12 Ga Shotgun... No one should be without one

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    Mine has the factory installed extension. It holds 7 shells of 2-3/4" or 3".

    Unlike the picture at the above link, its extension goes to the end of the barrel. As the picture shows, there is nothing fancy about it. Oops, I meant tactical.

    I bought it NIB as shown above.
    The sights are a grove in the receiver and a bead up front. I hunted small game for years 4 legged or with wings with the Model 37 using the same "sights".. It kept the freezer filled..

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      Looks like mine. It came on it, I eventually got a standard cap, and spring. JIC, our government is thinking of california mag restrictions . No standard length mags pinned to five, They are talking they may need to be cut to length .Fortunately i do have some that are stamped pistol mag 10 rds....


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        I've got few, just upgraded my 3 Gun shotgun from a Mossberg 590A1 to a Beretta 1301. Looking forward to trying it out at at least 2 matches this year.


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          No restrictions here in Georgia.

          And I hope it stays that way.

          Berretta's firearms are excellent!

          The Beretta's BLINK system's cycle speed is supposed to be 36% faster than any other shotgun on the market.


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            That sounds like a upgrade most would want!