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12 Ga Shotgun... No one should be without one

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    Good wisdom O.W.,

    "The first sound the intruder should hear" And the last!
    "Oh, America. I wish I could tell you that this was still America, but I've come to realize that you can't have a country without people. And there are no people here. No, my friends. This is now the United States of Zombieland"

    "The constitution does not guarantee our safety, only our liberty!" Robert Steed before congress 3/2013

    Skills Beats Stuff


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      ow awesome statement all the way i love how the un educated speak so quickly i would love an m4 to silenced of course had to be a kid lol
      the pack that plays together stays together


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        Thanks for the info O.W.!


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          Originally posted by milyow View Post
          Thanks for the info O.W.!
          Hey Brother, we're here for each other.

          Things are seldom what they seem.


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            iv'e owned over 150 guns (none bought to be re-sold or traded) for over 30 years and I've owned 3 shotguns. I shot my old man's double sxs 12 ga a bit. I do my small game hunting with a .22lr pistol. Animals all stop running and birds all land sometime. They can't keep wasting calories. With a silencer on the pistol, I'll take just as many quail out of a covey as you will with a shotgun and do so without bothering to have a dog. I just shoot the last one in line as they scurry along feeding. The shotgun cannot replace the rifle or the pistol and you cant carry more than one longarm, the 30 lbs of survival gear you'll need, and ammo enough to make two longarms worth carrying. Time and money spent on the shotgun can't be spend on the far more likely to be useful rifle, pistol or hand to hand training. The shotgun is a toy, basically. For shtf, it's far too noisy, short-ranged and lacking in adequate penetration. The ammo is fragile, heavy, bulky, expensive. None of them share the sights, safety, handling, or trigger pull of your rifle, so practicing with one is "un-doing" your rifle training. Dont bother unless you've got lots of time and money to waster.